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Chapter 3: The Advent of Crane
Difficulty: Normal
Gameplay: Story
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Chapter 3: The Advent of Crane

History [/ u]
The terrorists took a new district of the city, but this time they not only trapped him what could
to prevent you from moving forward, but they are using even more war machines against you.
You are close to their HQs paying attention to the explosion that could completely destroy the passage
and the many traps used

Objective: [/ u]
-Avoid triggering explosion systems under ground
-Dry the war machine
-Dry the Operation Station

[A] Content: [/ u]
- 5 Level
Difficulty: Difficult [/ i]
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Krusejdr Apr 4 @ 8:16am 
Just played through all the 3 chapters and I must say it's one of, if not the most awesome campaign I had the honor to play!

The only thing that bothered me a little was at the last boss fight with the helicopter. I don't understand why you didn't placed propeller tanks (ones that fly) at their propper positions. Instead they were placed as random barrels and I could only hope for one or two to be spawned.

But I beat the last level on 3th attemp, so as I said - not much of a problem :-)
Akilba  [author] Mar 26 @ 7:40am 
Thank you for your opinion, it is always better to have the opinion of the public, I am dedicated to improved chapter 3 to make it more enjoyable, it is likely that I do 2 other chapter before starting to do the chapter aliens and hell but they will be very different I assure you

brennfeu Mar 26 @ 5:02am 
The first 2 chapters were really good and fun, but the level in which you need luck to have propane barrels is a pain in the ass.
Good luck making other campaigns though, I'm waiting for the alien and hell parts now !
Soup Calhoun Mar 23 @ 8:39pm 
Propane barrels can be placed directly to ensure they will always spawn. If your next campaign does not improve I will make a parody of it.
Akilba  [author] Mar 22 @ 3:09pm 
I thank you for your opinion, I myself had a hard time building this level because of the percentage of chance explosive barrels, I will modify it to return possible every time while keeping the difficulty rate, I also invite you to tell me what you think of the other chapter associated :)

risfutile Mar 22 @ 3:02pm 
eh, the finale is pretty much a shitshow... it's just starting over and over again because you died of what's probably supposed to be surprise difficulties, but it's just restarting to the point the annoyance. there's just no skill involved but pure luck - it't not hard to beat, it's just annoying to beat.

I enjoy hard maps but not maps that bullshit you into trying 10 times.
make a map hard by design, not by annoyance.

and for fucks sake, if you have to build in a 99% death-trap, don't put a cut-scene before it, you baffoon