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New Lordore RP Mod List
Mod list for New Lordore
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IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
Created by TeCh
It may not be part of the Conan lore, but that's what your imagination is for 😁

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Improved Quality of Life 3.0.1
Created by Muzlu Pasta
  • Simplified Main Menu
  • Improved UI
    • Text for HP and Stamina Bars
    • Shelter, XP and Time of Day Icons
    • Text showing amount of status indicators and how long until they run out
    • Buff notification
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.2.2
Created by Multigun
The mod load order listed on this page is mandatory, not a friendly suggestion. Make sure you have it correct before posting a bug report. The majority of users do not use a correct mod order, don't be one of those people.

Acheronian Sorcery (admin version - not working, to compile)
Created by Xanthous
MOD ID = 1809016778


The new edition of Acheronian Sorcery removed some spells of the previous versions and improved the staff, now it doesnt give cor...
Roleplay 1.8.1
Created by Stack
This mod adds many new Roleplay oriented mechanics to the game.
The core features include:
- A D&D character sheet with attributes and skills for dice rolls.
- Lock picking and door breaching.
- Pick pocketing.
- 15,576 dyes with an RGB c...
River_ Boats_of_ the_Exiled_Lands
Created by snowhunter

Its quite a large project and is no where near authors completed vision. River boats of the exiled lands, will receive continuous improvement as time goes on. Please leave constructive feed back. Negative...
Savage Steel
Created by Jia
This mod has a wide variety of realistic placeable or RP items. Some of the features that we have are inventories in sacks, crates, barrels and many other items. We also have extra storage space in our Strongbox chests. We now have "Pick Up" on the Savage ...
Shadows of Skelos - Extended
Created by Dunkelrose
Shadows of Skelos - Extended
Mod ID: 1705201022
Item-, Recipe- and Feat-Table range from 6765XXX-6769XXX (and corresponding negative ranges; for DevItems)

This mod contains a total of over 1020 (mostly placeables, 33 f...
ExilesExtreme - v1.4.87
Created by Sibercat
Works With [Siptah]

How do i Access EE Admin Panel ?

By pressing the tilde key and typing "DataCmd EE_AdminPanel" command in the console with out Quotations. (its a standalone Admin Pane...
Fashionist v4.0.2
Created by Testerle
Wear the armor that matches your current situation and give it the look you like best!

Mod-ID: 1159180273
Better Thralls v1.9.11
Created by Testerle
Mod-ID: 931088249

Feedback and suggestions are welcome.

All bug reports
Created by Noxsa

Simple UI changes, making icon bar smaller, explorrer sign smaller, info panels moved out of the way, you know quallity of life changes nothing exstreme. this mod is light and small.

This mod, changed the following files:
- w_ShortcutBar
- W_HUD_No...
Emberlight 3.1.7
Created by Emberlight
Mod ID: 1369802940

For more detailed information on what's in Emberlight, check out our wiki page:

Join us on Discord! Ask questions to your heart's content or just be goofy:
Created by Lex
Mod ID : 1456186728

Version 1.2.14

New Items IDs range :
- 99XXX, 999XX

Discord :

Character creation :
2 new female hairstyles
2 new male hairstyles
1 new pale skin color
9 new hair, beard and eyebrows colors
11 new eyes col...
Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.3.5
Pippi - User & Server Management System
ID: 880454836
Version : 3.3.5
Update Notes

Looking for []...
Lemurian Architect
Created by Warrior J
Mod ID 1411872074
ID range 98586000
(If you have great screenshots to share of your Lemurian builds, post them in the media section of my discord and I will feature them in the gallery on this mod page!)

A mod that incorporate...
Created by Epiphany IV
DungeonMasterTools is a mod meant for RP-servers where admins build dungeons, quest-lines or otherwise have locations that need to be spruced up or want to give players items as rewards.

Short list of the features (without going into detail)
* Lockpicking...
No Xotli
Created by Xanthous
Load the mod in last positions to overwrite the feat "Herald of Xotli" in the mod "Exiled Lands Improved" and to block it. Players will not see this feat and will not be able to take it. Admins can spawn single recipes or items of Xotli and Exilted Lands I...
100 Level no attribute
Created by I-emerge
Update 29.10.2020 - Version 1.1.2

- 40 more level & more Feats
- no attribute points added
- Legendary Chest interaction stays at level 60 or higher

Level 100 Mod
390 Attribute Points, no change
1302 Featpoints
68 116 624 XP

Normal LvL60 (no changes)
Sorcery and Superclasses -Admin only Version-
Created by Zero3D

Note: This Version Removes the Altar of destinies Allowing only the Admin to give the Slayers Sacrement, Dark Batismal or Secrets of the Circle for superclass Unlocks.

for the regular quest unlock one go here: