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Specimen G-13 Origins Star Systems
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Specimen G-13 Origins Star Systems

This is a series of star systems from the book series titled "Spcimen G-13". Each star system is inhabited by different members of the Galactic Federation.

Gyromia is the Federation HQ system. Gblong is the Federations Capital Planet for all species.

Okra is the Ulnae system. Ulnaeia is their homeworld. This system has a lot of debris and damaged planets.

Nimus is the Axion system. Riles E017 is their homeworld. The planet Ochs Alpha is a mining planet, Pisces is a leisure world.

Horas the the Feles/Jinimaru system. Edris is their homeworld. The Feles natives were eradicated and Edris destroyed by the Axion, though with the Federations efforts both the planet and the Feles were reborn.

Alexia was the star system of the Karaka.Their homeworld was Hades. Alexia mysteriously went supernova and eradicated the entire system, leaving the Karaka species as refugees on other worlds.
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Zuperbuu  [author] Apr 22, 2020 @ 6:18am 
Worth noting that the ideal speed for this simulation to work (without moons being flung out of their orbits) is "9 hours per second." A month per second is the maximum speed you can go before things start to go a bit crazy.