Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

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Engineer's Soap Dispenser
Created by Mullendore
Does it work?...
Skullgirls: Painwheel's Mask
Created by Ravidrath
Lab Zero needs your help!

Valve has given us the opportunity to release Skullgirls Team Fortress 2 items... but only if you show your support and vote for them!

So vote well and spread the word - the more votes we get, the more likely you and your f...
Furious Furnace
Created by Dunkle
A head replacement for the pyro. It is self illuminated and paintable.

Currently you can't make the self illumination paintable with the new import tool, but the textures are all set up so it easily could be.

Be watchful children, be careful at night...
The 2Fort Knox (closed style)
Created by CyanPlastic
The closed version of the original 2Fort Knox item!

Visit the original here: The 2Fort Knox

- Model by Uncle Grumpskin

- Texture by H.Gaspar

- SFM Promo by Munchy

- N...
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