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LNER / BR 'Peppercorn A1' 4-6-2
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Mar 15 @ 1:16am
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LNER / BR 'Peppercorn A1' 4-6-2

In 1948, A. H. Peppercorn decided to update the LNER's range of Pacifics, as at this stage the Gresley A13s were reaching upwards of 25 years old. These new Pacifics, while keeping LNER traditions and characteristics, were sleek and modern machines, with all the latest tech of the time.

Outwardly, there were a few big changes, most notably on the smokebox, where a lager smokebox had been added to incorporate the double chimney into the design.

Also, to each side of the smokebox were added smoke-deflectors, in an effort to stop drifting smoke at high speed. These gave the Peppercorn pacifics a very characteristic and unique look.

This model is presented in BR Express Blue, which were applied to many of the ex-LNER pacifics during the 1950s and early 1960s. The model is also fully re-colourable so you can choose whatever shade of anything you want really.

Avaliable: 1948 - 1966
Speed: 100mph
Power: 2600hp
T/E: 37,000lb/f
Weight: 166t

Not included in this mod (yet) is 60163 Tornado, built in 2008. I plan to add this engine as a separate mod as I plan to also include 2007 Prince of Wales, Unknown Warrior and a few other new-builds in that pack too. Along with all the liveries Tornado has carried in her lifetime.
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Apache6467 🇬🇧 18 hours ago 
Very much ageed
SteveM4  [author] Mar 18 @ 4:34am 
Names and numbers on all my models are blank. This is personal preference as I'd rather have 20 unnamed and unnumbered engines than 20 of the exact same loco.
Apache6467 🇬🇧 Mar 17 @ 4:22am 
what does the nameplate say or is it blank
SteveM4  [author] Mar 16 @ 2:34am 
@dubsy102 it's a B17 in the early stages :)
Tordenskjold Mar 16 @ 1:02am 
My engine has 2700 hp as indicated in Wikipidia
[RS] EddBoy Mar 15 @ 9:45pm 
A Pepsi Mar 15 @ 7:31pm 
This train reminds me of a blueberry...
Dubsy102 Mar 15 @ 10:14am 
I spy with my little eye a B1
TheMasterNerd Mar 15 @ 9:14am 
great work, will just color it green for Tornado for the time being, going to use it in my YouTube series
redscouse51 Mar 15 @ 9:03am 
Gorgeous model, thank you. Looking forward to 'Unknown Warrior'...