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Autonomous Satellite Launch
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Mar 12, 2019 @ 2:10pm
May 19 @ 5:16am
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Autonomous Satellite Launch

OBS: You need at least 1000 m/s max speed in your game for this to work.

So, it's a rocket! with a satellite on board.

Basically, you push the far right button to put the rocket into launch position and then push the far left button to launch it.

The rocket will then proceed to follow its onboard program and insert a satellite into a ~30km orbit.

The satellite wil orient itself towards the planet at all times, auto-orient its solar panels and will connect to the base via laser antenna when in line of sight.

The satellite has a camera on board which can be accessed from the base when its connected.

There is an LCD on the base that shows time since launch, time of first contact with satellite and there's also a lamp that turns green when the satellite is connected to the base, red when it is not.

Feel free to poke around in the code, but be warned, it's a mess, if you're an actual programmer it may make you cry.
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Tekk  [author] May 19 @ 5:17am 
Hey Sass
Keen changed the Antenna API since i made this, which broke the script.
I have done a quick-fix and updated, it should work now :)
Sass May 18 @ 10:55pm 
hi the button dont work ,how i do it?
dreski_ Aug 26, 2019 @ 7:46am 
Super impressive! I have made a networked system of it for planetary defense. Thank you so much for this!