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Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
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Quest: Sea Of Ghosts

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The Sea Of Ghosts are the cold and dangerous waters on the northern coasts of Tamriel. Among the mists and fog lie many secrets, treasures and stories long since forgotten. Travel these dangerous waters with the crew of The Winter's Warmth, exploring many new locations throughout the Sea of Ghosts.

As featured in PC Gamer magazine, Gamespot's Top 5 Mods of the Week and MachinimaRealm


- THE ROOTS OF THE HOUSE: Two new world spaces and a lenghty original dungeon and a brand new quest along with a much requested Cabin on board the Winter's Warmth.

- SEASTONE EXPANSION: A new area with a house for purchase, a dock, and many secrets to uncover.

- A number of new quests, varying in length and type across varied new locations.

- Hire a ship to travel to many all new locations throughout The Sea Of Ghosts.

- Lore friendly and consistent with the style and themes of the rest of the game.

- Fully voice acted dialogue, featuring professional voice actors.

- Additional stories and peripheral events.

- Compatible with all Bethesda DLC. No Prerequisites.

***Please read the notes and troubleshooting guide below before posting comments***


- The Winter's Warmth is available for hire at the Solitude Docks. Just talk to Roggnar (see Screenshots).

- SEASTONE EXPANSION: Seastone Manor can be purchased from the For Sale sign at The East Empire Company Warehouse (see Screenshots) for 15000 septims.

- You can travel between locations using the map on the ship. Read the Crew Handbook for more information on how the mod works.

- Exploration is key. A number of quests in this mod require the player to search for the objectives, rather than blindly following compass markers.

- Go Solo. Taking followers in this mod is not advised, as there are many locations that require jumping or activators to move around.

- Current "Quest" Content include:
+ Sea Of Ghosts (Side)
+ The Ajald Mystery (Side)
+ The Roots of the House (Side)*
+ Roggnar's Hierloom (Misc)
+ Lost Sujamma (Misc)
+ Boots (Misc)
+ To Kill A Corsair (Misc)
+The Standing Stones (hidden)
+Seastone Manor (hidden)*
+The Padomaic Flower (hidden)*


- Story Manager setup for misc Quests (to fix Skyrim 1.7 dialogue issue)

- Fixed map texture in .bsa

- Updated lore to fit with Dragonborn lore updates (regarding House Telvanni)


- Added a new unique model for the Seafarer's Blade. The model is from the original Weapons of the Third Era pack.

- Replaces all of Endryn's dialogue. Now sounds much better...hopefully.

- Fixed another facegen issue. Characters faces should now appear properly (please let me know if they dont)

- New title image that better represents the theme of the overall mod.

V1.3 The Roots of the House Expansion

- Adds two new world spaces, a new dungeon, a new quest centering around the remnants of The Great House Telvanni, and a new hidden quest.

- Adds a cabin below decks on The Winter's Warmth for the player to rest and store items.

V1.2 Seastone Expansion

- Adds a new player location, player house and hidden secrets.

V1.1 Patch

- Attempted fix for the Ancient Ritual affecting future casting visual effects (feedback on this issue happening in future would be helpful. The fix will not affect any save where this bug already manifested.

- Some groundwork for the first expansion.

- Optimization of scripts in archive.

Voice Over Credits

-Brittany Morgan Williams-
Characters: Rithleen
Contact for Voice Over Work at

Characters: Roggnar, Basks-In-Shade

Characters: Endryn
(Also assisted with some technical advice and problem solving)

If you enjoy this quest, please rate and try out my other Quest mods

- Quest: Sorcery

- Quest: And the Realms of Daedra

- Quest: No Mercy

- Quest: The Bigger They Are

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jh.extra0 Sep 14 @ 5:32am 
So many thanks for getting this back on line - fab mod.
Caine the Longshot Sep 13 @ 9:35pm 
THANK YOU THIRTEENORANGES (assuming you had a hand in it). In case you haven't been told yet, Pit Fighter is doing the same thing.
tramper Sep 13 @ 3:35am 
A great big thanks for the fixing up of this most important mod, if it was you, Thirteen again many thanks.
That annoying guide Sep 13 @ 3:32am 
Thanks orange it's working just fine now
tramper Sep 9 @ 5:47pm 
@Rampage, i would say you're getting that message because there is no file to download.
Rampage Sep 9 @ 10:16am 
why is mod saying it's corrupt.. I've lost 2 mods now because of this.
tramper Sep 8 @ 9:41pm 
Hi Caine, you're right, i was looking at Travels add on, so now its two of these great mods, f*#ked, i still have The Bigger they Are and Sorcery so i might copy those files and keep them, think i might get Realms of Daedra as well and back that up, so if they go, i'll still have them, somethings not right anyway and it seems the author no longer cares.
I see Thirteen was online only five days ago, so i am sure he is aware of these issues.
Caine the Longshot Sep 8 @ 9:28pm 
Tramper, are you looking at Pit Fighter or Pit Fighter Travels? Pit Fighter travels still has a file size, but I'm showing Pit Fighter doesn't. Because of that, Travels may as well be broken since it requires Pit Fighter.
tramper Sep 8 @ 5:14pm 
Pit Fighter still has a file size unlike Sea of Ghosts, i know someone on Nexus is trying to port some of these to SE, i don't know if that is affecting the issue, but obviously the author for whatever reason no longer cares about them.
James Harrys Sep 8 @ 1:39pm 
Broken mod