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Pir t'Naou
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Pir t'Naou

Pir t'Naou

Pir t'Naou was rather a modest monestary built by the remnants of members from the Kioki priesthood after the collapse of the world. Today the monks are long gone, but it is said that Pir t'Naou now belongs and works as one of the hideouts for the notorious pirate king Tennron Myrthias. His ship, a first generation Kiokian Imperial Sky Corvette with name "Kirpir Rui", is often spotted near the old monastary, though nobody has dared interfering with its business there.

It is really hard to understand how the pirate king managed hijacking the Kirpir Rui, and even more mysterious is how this ancient vessel, last recorded to be exhibited (along with its three sister ships) at the Chamber of History in Ten-Rui, manages through the skies without falling apart. Though with that being said, reports from its observers and tales from they who have survived its raids can all share that it seem as this ship is well taken care of, and perhaps in a better condition now, than originally. It's not unlikely that behind its gilded platings, you would discover stolen machinery patched together like an old rag.

The Kirpir Rui once served as the flagship of the first Empress of Ten-Rui in a time of peace, and it is obvious to the eyes that its original intention was - and still is - to serve as an ornament in the skies.

5 Databanks

3 loot Chests

Lots of lootable goods

And beware of turrets.
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OddNova Mar 9 @ 9:37am 
A marvel of the skies! Like the use of 'barrels' ;) Hope the terrain is flat enough for a shipyard ... otherwise: a masterpiece in practically all aspects.