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Natural Selection 2

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Xenoswarm Collection
We're proud to announce the release of Xenoswarm, the latest mod from the team that brought you NS2 Combat!

Ten years after the events of Natural Selection 2,the Kharaa infestation has spread to the inner reaches of TSF space and many outposts have been lost entirely to the alien swarm. You're part of an elite squad of TSF marines who have been sent to single-handedly capture these outposts and create a 'beachhead' in the infested colonies. Fight through hordes of aliens and destroy the Hive to win!
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Created by Greedy 🦄
This is Xenoswarm. Enjoy!...
Xenoswarm Assets
Created by Greedy 🦄
Xenoswarm Assets Mod...
Created by =Mr.P= ☠
updated the map

now the game ends after 25 min aliens win by default.

the first trigger in hive room wil open a short cut to
hive room.

trigger npc is ones per player (no respawn)

alpha 1.1

id: 899a629

Created by JimWest
This is a mod to add some new Entites to Natural Selection 2 like a teleporter, a train etc.

I added one test level called ns2_eem_test_level where you can see how to use the entities.

minegate level one
Created by TwoStroker
Skulk test

testing to see if errors are fixed

Created by Seraph
Xenoswarm - Mineshaft

Exterminate the infestation and clear out cave, but don't take too long!

publish_id = 8a90254

Created by ∞ W (+) |2 T H Y
An alpha version of the map ns2_xs_maze being made for the xeno swarm mod.
Xenoswarm mod is a mod that can be played as a single player or co-op experience.
You take on the role of a marine clearing out hordes of NPC's (non playable characters) xen...