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Total Ships
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Mar 7, 2019 @ 12:12pm
Aug 23, 2019 @ 2:02pm
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Total Ships

Mod ID: 1675801947 - Total Ships

Scope of Project: Total overhaul of the Atlas Ships:

New placeable items: -

Tiny Shipyard
Small Shipyard
Large Shipyard

Tiny Shipyard - will allow an amendment to the Dingy - which has no real practical in game purpose (excluding staying dry) this will have its weight increased to allow it to carry a loaded pathfinder to and from shore flotsam without the need to unload your inventory first.

Small and Large Shipyards - will have snap points added to allow better cleaner placement and for structures to be built around them neatly.

Amendments to current ship classes: -


All of the above will have additional sail points, additional carry weight, increased turning solutions and upgraded speed to better reflect their real-life counterparts.
Equally all will have more realistic crewing levels at launch.
All classes will also be able to be returned to the shipyards for repairs and/or redesigns.
Further out!

- configurable ini settings to amend the weights, speed, crew and beds of ship classes at launch
- compass direction (an on-screen compass for easier navigation)


Still further out!!

- new ship, The Clipper (stationed between the Sloop and Schooner)
- new ship, The Frigate (stationed between the Brigantine and the Galleon)
- new ship, The Man o War (stationed above the Galleon)
- new ship, The Ship of the Line (stationed above the Man o War)

Donations always welcome: Steamlabs [] or PayPal []\\
Become a Patreon Patreons get the Mod Source code once complete to amend and use to create a Mod of their own! []\\
Discord: Join our Channel [].
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BOBWARPATH May 5 @ 1:06pm 
Just to let everyone know, we are pretty sure Westeros (The creator of the mod) did have real life complications that stopped him from modding. Interviewing some people on his friends list as well as checking all his listed medias, he has been gone since the turn of the end of 2019. So to those who feel scammed from donations, I am sorry but there was no guarantee on this mod, It was one guy doing all the work, and holding down the community at the same time. He never put a plug on the mod (every media for the mod still exists), but yeah he is gone.
The_ENTITY Apr 12 @ 11:33am 
I heard the Total Ships Brigantine is unbuildable now as well
The_ENTITY Apr 12 @ 11:33am 
It's sad to hear about how much money this scammer got from those poor fooled people who donated to him.
AresVC14 Apr 9 @ 6:25pm 
Niob87 Mar 2 @ 3:35am 
The developers killed the mod?
The ATLAS / ARK developers or the modders?
So it seems to me as if this mod never really existed and should never be finished.
Death Mar 1 @ 7:51pm 
yeah this was one of the mods I was looking forward to seeing getting updated and could not wait for the ships thy wanted to add but devs killed the mod
Jarle Feb 12 @ 12:07pm 
Can you -rep my profile? xd
Tactical_Assault_Duck Feb 12 @ 4:23am 
sad to see a mod that had lots of promise die
Ardwolf Jan 29 @ 2:44pm 
the only good thing about this mod whose the hach to the ship but mod does´s work any more
is there som 1 who kan make the hach to the ship
legionkiller_8705 Jan 21 @ 6:19pm 
so is this mod not going to work any longer?