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Catastrophic Disaster Intensity
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Mar 24 @ 3:20pm
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Catastrophic Disaster Intensity

This mod adds a 5th Disaster Intensity setting: Catastrophic (level 5 on the menu) for frequent devastating natural disasters.

How to Use
On the game set-up screen, set the Disaster Intensity slider to the new value of 5.

Catastrophic (Level 5) Effects
  • Natural disasters will occur more than twice as often as they do with the game's highest setting of 4. With Standard speed selected, there will be a disaster somewhere on the map at almost every single turn.

  • The stronger version each disaster will occur more frequently than the weaker version.

  • All volcanoes on the map are flagged to eventually be active.

Other Changes
  • Increases the amount of potentially submergible lowland tiles from 35% to 75%. This change applies to ALL disaster settings. (You can easily change this number to suit your taste [or delete the change entirely] in the Disasters_Global.sql file, where I have left explanatory comments).

If you are using another mod that changes the amount of floodable coastal lowland tiles, this mod will NOT override that change, so don't worry.

p0kiehl Author

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neilwilkes Nov 25 @ 6:37am 
I would love to see Earthquakes, Tsumani & Meteor/Comet impacts as well as Solar Flares once Electricity has been researched (nobody would really notice an X-30 class flare (Carrington Event equivalent) otherwise, plus a very rare "Micronova" event as well.
Naz Nov 10 @ 5:03pm 
I felt like this mod was needed because the intensity of disasters is pretty weak. This mod still doesn't fulfill my desire, but thank you for the effort.
BluePhazon#1353 Oct 5 @ 2:57am 
My apologies, I was playing on a large map, late game now there's an event almost every turn since I've uncovered pretty much all 100+ volcanoes (they weren't logged if I hadnt discovered them I'm assuming). Still, it'd be nice if there was a little more variety than a volcanic eruption every turn on primordial (I rarely if ever saw anything besides eruptions) but that's probably a symptom of there being too many volcanoes when the game rolls for a disaster and the inability to have more than one per turn.

Fun mod, otherwise!
p0kiehl  [author] Oct 2 @ 3:40am 
It's not broken. I used it with primordial the other day.
BluePhazon#1353 Oct 1 @ 7:54pm 
This mod's broken with the September update, primordial map. Volcanoes all around me, nothing has erupted. No floods, no hurricanes, absolutely zilch.
Cuso Sep 14 @ 1:30pm 
Hi! For some reason when using this mod sometimes a disaster would reveal a part of the map for me. That part would remain revealed until another one appeared. It didn't happened with every disaster, but when it did it would not appear in the event history.
Oh yeah Aug 5 @ 8:39am 
Cosmic Fox Jun 27 @ 5:38am 
I want to apologize how I acted with you pOkiehl, I responded to you in a childish manner, not like I am in normal life. I am a super nice person and Love your work and others. From now on I intend to extend positive responses across the board to all who help make this game better.

It taught me a lesson I will never forget and I am 64 years old
Thanks for your great work and please do not stop! :steamhappy:
neilwilkes Jun 16 @ 10:55am 
Does this mod include such things as Meteor/Asteroid/Comet strikes, Tsunami, VEI-8 Volcanoes, Solar Flares/Superflares & Gamma Ray Bursts?
Would be totally cool if so.........what is needed is a rare chance of an Extinction Level event