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The island of Zeneth (6k)
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The island of Zeneth (6k)

Please note this:
This is a 6145 by 6145 Map which means you need "Experimental Map Sizes" to be true in the Transport Fever config file in order to play this map
Also i know the story around the map takes place in the future, this map is meant to adhere to a story i am writing, though you can play this map in whatever time period you want.

The story behind the map:
In the year 2019 humans have outgrown their own technology, the world is changing and the center of a new era of men is to strive towards genetic manipulation, the robot ban of 2018 saw opportunities failing in their way of making progress but a company called the Protac Group seems to have a solution, CRISPR is the way forward, they are genetically manipulating animals to show human features such as creativity and immense intelligence. By 2030 their intelligence has outgrown even our own and what started as a project to create the perfect slave species behind the governments back has become a huge problem to man kind. They want free will, they want their own land and they want their own country to call home, the united nations of tomorrow in 2049 gave them a new un-named island in the pacific ocean, a perfect habitat, an island of green grass and lush meadows to call their own, so that the animal species will no longer plague the humans for their land. Thus the animals started to move out there and develop their own culture and religion, as they named their new island home Zeneth, their language Zenethian named their cities and places. Their religion Qui may also have had a role to play.

You are a Zenethian Transport Minister anno 2081. The cities are build but untill now they have no connections and public transit have not yet found its way to Zeneth. Your job by queen Leafa Silvertail is to establish a transport union and connect the land through rail and sea. Your job is easy but the tasks are hard if we want to compete with the human civilization.

About the Map:
- All cities are named in my own fictional language of Zenethian
- 64 Cities
- 51 Industries
- 6145 by 6145 (400 by 400 Kilometers)

Mods i recommend:
- No Initial Roads (Always recommended for large maps like this)
- More Vegetation
- Sunset Environment

This was the short version of my story about Zeneth, the actual story is huge, but i wanted to do this map as the 1st part of my story and then another map set in Raze City 2000 years later in my second part. If you like the story and this map remember to rate the map and enjoy!

Hope you'd like the map -Anichezachi