The Occupation

The Occupation

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Chapter 1 Guide - The Occupation
By Jackdw31
This guide contains SPOILERS.

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Scarlet - Prologue
The game opens on a cutscene of a heated conversation between Scarlet Carson and Charles Bowman. Scarlet suggests she will not be silenced on the matter of The Union Act, believing that her husband and founder of the act, Michael Carlson, would never have supported its current iteration. Bowman, however, has other ideas.

Once in the game, enter through the open window. Go right to pick up Alex Dubois' purple keycard and a letter instructing you on what to do within this mission. Your objective is to take the "Silhouette disk" from Charles Bowman's office and insert it into the server in Alex Dubois' workshop to transfer files. The password for the server is in your office, Scarlet Carlson's.

Dubois' purple keycard allows you to swipe through the purple data wipe gate across from the room. When going through, Steve and Dan - the security guards - can be heard discussing that the fuse for Charles Bowman's office is playing up. Continue along your path and head downstairs to where Steve and Dan were.

Two paths into Bowman's office are available; either the door can be used with Dubois' purple keycard and the code which can be found in multiple places; 5959, or by using the fuse box to trip the power, allowing access through the door; or a store room to the left of Bowman's door can be used to access a vent passage into the room.

Once inside, the Silhouette Disk can be found on Bowman's desk. Michael Carson's orange keycard is also there, in a box on the windowsill. At the side desk, Bowman's answering machine can be found with two messages stored. It should be noted that only if entering through the vent, a safe can be found before coming out behind a pinboard in the office. The safe's code is the same as the door code: 5959.

Once downstairs, the first stop should be to Scarlet's office, accessible from the floor's central area. Inside, you can find the Silhouette Server's password on a note on the desk - SPUFF7. In a desk drawer, a floppy disk titled 'Michael's Stuff' can be found - this is not needed.

Then, returning to where the staircase was, Dubois' workshop can be found. Inside, the Silhouette Disk can be inserted into the server, and the password found in Scarlet's office can be typed in. Once the file is run, a security alert is triggered, bringing Steve the guard into the area. He can be avoided by going upstairs or into the vent system above Dubois' workshop, which links to the central area upstairs.

Once Steve has abandoned the search, make your way downstairs looking for an exit. The only exit is through the fire route, where Dan will unavoidably find you. He will take you outside.

The route home is completely linear, and requires you to walk across a canal lock, along the canal, over a fence, and through a close. When you open your gate, the Turing Bomb triggers and the game truly begins.

In a second cutscene, newspapers show the Turing Bomb killed 23 and has been blamed on Alex Dubois. Then, Bowman comforts a grieving and despondent Scarlet.
--- Collectibles
New Age Republic - safe behind Charles Bowman's office, code is 5959.
Billy Echo & The Sugar Gang - when reaching the bottom floor, you can duck under a barrier and find the vinyl propped against a blackboard.
Harvey - Meeting with Carla
Chapter 1 Synopsis
Harvey Miller, an investigative journalist, has been assigned to write a story on the Turing Bomber Alex Dubois, looking into his guilt. Dubois himself suggests that he wasn't in the building at the time of the incident and that the phone records prove his innocence.

Firstly, put your typed document into the folder to your left, then find your briefcase in the kitchen. after you leave the kitchen, a letter is slid under the front door. The package can be opened to reveal a floppy disk named trapdoor. This can be inserted into the floppy drive of your PC, and the program can be run.

Inside, you H.M - Harvey Miller - have a discussion with the elusive S.C - Scarlet Carson. They believe you to be the only person capable of stopping The Union Act and saving Alex Dubois.

After this conversation, you will appear at the entrance to the Bowman Carson building. On presenting your briefcase, Steve the security guard will give you a visitor's white keycard. You will then be guided to the security desk where you will meet Dan, and be introduced to Carla Burman. The point of you being here is to snoop and gather as much evidence against Carla Burman in the hour leading up to her meeting with you at 4PM.

Within the hour the information you find will be related to possible questions you can ask in your conversation with her. Some will be evidence to back up your claims, some will lead you to new questions you may want to ask. The leads are split into different sections below.

It should be noted that this guide does not yet provide specific information about the routines of the staff members or how to avoid them - simply be aware of your surroundings and make sure you close blinds when in a windowed room. Be aware of where you can make a quick get away or hiding spot should you need it.

Once you have all the information you can gather in the hour, you can meet Carla in her office for the interview before the end of the chapter.

Afterwards, a cutscene is played showing Scarlet Carson arriving home and greeting her husband Michael and Charles Bowman, arguing over the content of The Union Act.
--- Lead 1 - The Union Act
To prove that the statistics surrounding The Union Act are incorrect, a printed copy of an email from Alex Dubois titled 'Union Act for Good' is required. It can be found in two places.

1 - Alex's Office
To enter this room:
  • You can use the locked front door with a keycard from ____ and passcode ____
  • You can turn off the power to his door to open it then bring the power back for his PC by using the floor's fusebox inside the store room.
  • You can enter through a vent above his room, which can be entered via ____.
  • You can get in through the scaffolding outside his window. This is connected to the attic and to Carla's office, and either will allow passage to Dubois' office.

Dubois' password for his PC is spuff7. Once inside, a floppy disk will be required to extract the email labelled 'Union Act for Good'

2 - Turing Meeting Room
To enter this room:
  • You can use the locked front door with a keycard from Carla.
  • You can climb in through a vent leading from Alex Dubois' room. You can find it behind a desk on the wall nearest the open window in his office. This leads inside.

Once inside, you can find a floppy disk with a copy of the email on top of the light.

Once email attained:
The email can then be taken to the public printer and can be printed by using a token.

Please remember that disk wipe gates corrupt floppy disks and need to be fixed if the data is to be used. This fix can be done using the Data Doctor in the Lost Property.
--- Lead 2 - Stolen ID
Alex claims that his keycard was stolen; to prove this you will require the email he sent to Carla prior to the bombing. This can be found either in Dubois' PC as before, or in the deleted emails on Carla's PC. Carla's room can be accessed similarly to Dubois':
  • Through the door with a keycard and passcode. Her keycard can be found along with her bag inside of a vent, and her passcode is ____.
  • By turning her power off and on again.
  • Through the scaffolding outside her window.
  • Through a vent which links to her room. This can be accessed from Detective Holden's room or from ____.
If at Carla's PC, the password is geo - you can find this in the lost property office or on the binder next to her PC - you can hear her discuss this fact early on in the mission. If at Dubois' PC, the password is spuff7. An empty floppy disk can be found next to Carla's PC, but one will need to be brought to Dubois' room. You must have the email from her deleted emails copied onto the floppy disk, which can then be printed from at the public printer with one token.

Please remember that disk wipe gates corrupt floppy disks and need to be fixed if the data is to be used. This fix can be done using the Data Doctor in the Lost Property.
--- Lead 3 - The Phone Records
Dubois asserts that he wasn't in the building during the time of the bombing, and that he phoned into the building from outside, proving his innocence. To find these phone records, Miller is first suggested to get into Detective Holden's room to look for them.

Her office can be entered from two vent points, or through the front door. The phone records for the day of the union bombing are dated for the 10th April 1987, and inside the box rather than finding the records, there is simply a note suggesting they have been moved to a safe in Debbie Locke's office.

Debbie's office has a lock on the vent making entry through the door necessary - turning off the power to her room is the easiest way I have found to do so, however it makes accessing her PC harder.

Once in the room, the safe at the back right corner is your target. The code for it is ____ and is given to you along with the information in Detective Holden's room, and inside you can find the phone records proving his innocence.
--- Lead 4 - Carla's Vendetta
It is suggested that Carla had a vendetta against Alex, however Carla suggests he threatened her on a voice message. To prove he didn't threaten her, you must find the recording of the message.

The recording can be found in her safe locker in the storage room, which can be accessed by a vent above it. To access her locker, you will require her ID card which can be found in the vents. In her locker is a tape, which when played shows Dubois not threatening her but instead being angry with the fact that The Union Act would lead to his own family's deportation. A tape player can be found in multiple places, the easiest to access for me was the one in the attic which can be accessed using the scaffolding.
--- Collectibles
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Another general note:

When viewing a document (say, your dossier) an option is provided to switch to viewing the document as simple text (rather than a graphic image). Switching to the text view improves readability, especially when the document written in light text on a white background. Due to a bug, the text in the text view isn't necessarily the same as the text in the graphic image -- and the graphic image is the one that is correct. So be wary of using the text mode!
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It is probably worth adding this to the intro:

If you've been spotted by Steve, and you've successfully evaded him (most commonly, by entering a duct, but simply running away will do the trick if you can get far enough away) then it is likely a good idea to go to a location where you are permitted to be (not an office, not a "Staff Only" hallway) and allow him to find you. When you escape Steve in this manner, he remains in pursuit mode indefinitely and he is psychic when in this mode, so he'll find you sooner or later. If he finds you in a restricted area and you can't evade again, he'll take you the security desk. If, on the other hand, he finds you in an area where you are permitted to be, he'll yell at you a bit, then return to his normal (non-psychic) rounds.