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Triphalion City
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Triphalion City

The "Grand Archive Square" and its surroundings are pretty much the only remnants of the once great Saborian Polis of Triphalion.. the rest is believed to have fallen into the abyss when the world broke apart.

Back in the glorious days it was one of the busiest places in the Saborian culture. It was never huge in proportion, but
trading, commerce and preservation of knowledge, and being a highly desired destination for recreation, made this place so trafficked that the many sky cruisers' lights, coming from several directions beyond the horizon, created clusturous luminous belts that would outshine even the greater stars on the night sky. Due to this phenomena, Triphalion was known as "Light Lace City" by the commoners.

The Grand Archive used to serve as a vault of historical artifacts and documents. Former kings and queens are buried here, and its incredible library and scriptorum attracted scholars from all over the world. Unfortunately, the Library and its scriptorum, located in the right wing of the Grand Archive, (the right wing, at all) collapsed.

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OddNova Mar 6 @ 10:35pm 
Liked ... Aww - I would have liked to see the scriptorium (tried something like that on Erenod). Keep those islands coming!