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Team Fortress 2

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Le Etouffée (Christmas Item)
Created by
Stir nothing around you, not even a mouse! (Part of the "Silent Night" set!)...
Crate Smasher
Created by Loyen
Makes me feel like such a free man

Link to the render (2560x1600):

Update: Model has been fixed to work for all classes (except spy)! Keep in mind that the video and in-game screensh...
Lua Tool Buster
Created by Rotzlöffel
A sober person would run away from it!

I think im gonna make more robot weapons in the next time!!! This is somehow funyy =D...
Lil 47
Created by Cyxopyk
Small sized AKSU fitted into snipers smg.

check out screenshots and try this weapon
The Arid Hair-Lid
Created by Ducksink
you can count on it...
The Thousand-Yarder
Created by Commie
Ever wonder what makes a battle-hardened veteran experience the fabled 'thousand-yard stare'? Neither do we. But now you too can discover the joys of shooting idle foes staring blankly into space with this rugged antique.

Part of the Australian Servicem...
Wetworker V2[OLD]
Created by Astute
[This item has been remade.]

New Version:

"You catch yourself surveying the battlefield again. If it wasn't enough that those buffoons from the Builder's League attack near c...
The General Attire
Created by NeoDement
A fancy coat with big epaulettes, shiny buttons, elongated coat tails, and a paintable trim.

Available for download as a mod/reskin here:
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