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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Aug 6, 2013 @ 8:57pm
Oct 29, 2014 @ 11:54am
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More Luxuries

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Adds nine more luxuries to the game and an additional Mercantile city-state luxury. Overall, they function the same as the existing luxuries and utilize the same placement and balancing methods.

Also, this mod fixes a few bugs found in the main map creation files and optimizes many other things within it that pertain to resources.


Requires Brave New World.


Incompatible Map Scripts:
Amazon, Amazon Plus, Great Plains, Great Plains Plus, Boreal, Rainforest, Arborea, Frontier, Tilted Axis

Terra “is” compatible, as a tweaked version is included within this mod. The extra luxuries work really well with the larger-sized terra maps.

Please ensure that any other mods you use alongside this one aren't overriding AssignStartingPlots.lua (or any of its contents that I've modified, if it's a map script). The order in which you enable mods matters. So, most times, make sure this one is enabled last, after any mods you suspect may have conflicting files, so that this mod does the overriding. Though, sometimes, you’ll find that things work when you enable another mod after this one. This usually means that an unimportant and probably unmodified part of this mod was overriding an important part of another mod.

Also, most mods which add more city-state luxuries shouldn’t cause problems with this mod. Just enable this one last so it initially cleans out any luxuries which may cause a conflict (or that are just plain redundant and have a different name… ex. Cocoa vs. Cacao vs. Chocolate) before it adds in the new ones.


While this mod is enabled, don't load existing games played before installing the mod. Also, when the mod is updated and errors are being experienced, sometimes it helps to start a fresh new game instead of loading a save from the previous version.

Sometimes it helps to clear out your temporary cache and ModUserData folders after disabling any other mods. The game will recreate new files the next time you run it. You can find these folders in …\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5.

Also, sometimes it helps to delete all subscribed mods within the MODS folder located in …\Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5. When you run the game again, it will download fresh versions of all subscribed mods again; just be patient and let it finish. This mod in particular contains a lot of terrain graphic and icon art files, so its size is larger than most others.

Also, verify your game's files via Steam to make sure there are no corrupted files.

To avoid difficulties with mods and resolve them, see this checklist created by Thalassicus:

If you'd like to enable the game to log information, you can greatly help in solving errors on your end. See whoward69's tutorial on how to easily set this up:
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Russian_Orc May 25 @ 3:24am 
Если кому перевод нужен кину ссылку на архив с файлом, пишите.
Russian_Orc May 25 @ 3:22am 
Ссылку удаляет, жаль.
Russian_Orc May 25 @ 3:19am 
Всем привет, я перевел этот маленькой но классный мод, в архиве инструкция по установке, всем спасибо за внимание. {LINK REMOVED}
JS Apr 27 @ 4:45pm 
this used to work for me, but now whenever i load it up and put a worker on a new luxury it just acts like its not there, no option to work it at all
saphir Mar 9 @ 11:38pm 
Pepper get not listed as available resourve, even if I have it. Also, Coffee works in mid america only, never realzed that coffee is original from africa/arabia?
Overall, mod idea is good, but realization is worse
saphir Mar 9 @ 5:51am 
partially not working. i.e Glass I have but not coralles and not coffee (have installed Hormigas Enhanced Map Pack (43 Civs) (v 1))
OmegaMole Feb 27 @ 12:19pm 
This app causes a bug in the trade screen where all luxeries disappear and items selected for the trade are not visible. Cache cleaning, reninstall, deleting the content in the mod folder - nothing helped. I have no other app changing luxeries. Too bad.
해코 Jan 15 @ 4:36am 
자원의 성능이 너무 안좋습니다
Shigs Dec 25, 2022 @ 7:48pm 
So I subscribed to the mod, but I see no way of downloading anything I subscribe to? Nov 8, 2022 @ 11:41am 
Glass as you know it is manufactured.

Glass that is found naturally is too small and too dirty to be any sort of luxury.

Perhaps a glass factory tile improvement that uses coal (to light the kilns) to PRODUCE a glass luxury would make more sense...