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Mar 3 @ 9:39pm
May 15 @ 4:44pm
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This mod adds a custom item to the loot table known as the "Pocket Kit" which as you may have guessed is used for sewing pockets onto clothing. It should work on just about every vanilla pair of pants and shirts (aside from one or two already large military clothing varients) and also on the hunting bag. I like to play on RP servers here and there and one complaint I hear alot is that too many people wear military clothing, hopefully this will serve as a partial method of combating that. That being said I think an item like this also fits in the more standard style of playing dayz anyway so go to town. Let me know if I miffed one of the recipes or something, I hope you enjoy this mod ^_^

Just to clarify in case anyone is confused: So normally a t-shirt has 12 slots (4x3), if you find this sewing kit and use it on the tshirt the tshirt will now have 30 slots (6x5). will work like that on almost all the vanilla clothes except some already in the biggest size range.
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unknownrandyofficial May 10 @ 12:29am 
Jest  [author] Apr 3 @ 10:07pm 
<3 so sorry for the delay GoFireUp! just pushed an update. just fixed to work on new update for now, will add the other fixes and kit idea soon
GoFireUp Apr 3 @ 8:41pm 
Hi! Waiting for your mod apgrade. Server can't start with out it. Thank you!
Jest  [author] Apr 3 @ 4:37pm 
thanks Room Service! I'll push a fix for this later tonight, sorry bout the delay just been distracted today. I have plans for a few fixes, additions as well
Room Service Apr 3 @ 4:34pm 
Don't know if you're aware of the latest release of DayZ, but your mod no longer works =\
andremelo90 Mar 23 @ 10:18am 
nice, ive got it now, those with JKR means they are the enlarged versions! Great, thanks again.
Jest  [author] Mar 23 @ 9:09am 
I don't have any experience with using airdrop yet but pretty sure the answer to your question is yes. Like lets just say you wanted an airdrop that dropped Tshirts but you wanted those Tshirts to already have enlarged inventories (as apposed to having the airdrop drop the kit itself and having people use it on their existing clothes) instead of Tshirt in your airdrop config you'd use JKRTshirt (example class names that might not be right but you get the idea). Yea anytime, I'm gonna make a channel in the JustAServer Discord for my misc mods so if you have any trouble getting it set up hmu over there and I can try and talk your through it
andremelo90 Mar 23 @ 7:19am 
hello again, quick question, if i want for eg, my airdrop list to have one of those itens, do i have to change their names also inside the AirDrop config? im worried because i see urs have the JKR before the name itself. Thanks!
Jest  [author] Mar 22 @ 1:50pm 
add them to your types, your welcome! thanks for trying out the mod. also just so everyone knows it doesnt check to see if stuff is in the inventory of the clothes before it does the crafting recipe so make sure you empty your pockets before you sew a new pocket on!! If I work that code out Ill be sure to add it in the future but until then be weary of that ^_^
andremelo90 Mar 22 @ 1:48pm 
hey am i supposed to swap or just add all these items in types.xml? thanks!