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TurokNG: Extras
TurokNG: Extras
Optional extras you can use with TurokNG or any other combination of mods.

List of Extras:
  • An alternative logo for the main menu, made from scratch in inkscape.
  • A patch to improve compatibility with another popular mod, Turok+
  • Accessibility Crosshair & Cursor

This is just a small piece of a larger mod, check out the TurokNG Collection.

Turok deserves more workshop content. You can help fund development with coffee: https://ko-fi.com/noderunner

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TurokNG Extras: Alternative Logo
Created by >noderunner_
An alternative logo for the Main Menu made from scratch in Inkscape. You can use this instead of the standard TurokNG Logo, or combine it with any other mods of your choosing.

This is just a small piece of a larger mod, check out the [url=https://ste...
TurokNG Extras: Turok+ Compatibility Helper
Created by >noderunner_
A helper that should improve your experience when using TurokNG and Turok+ together. If you notice any iss...
TurokNG Extras: Accessibility Crosshair & Cursor
Created by >noderunner_
Crosshair & Cursor design can often be a key part of an aesthetic, but can also result in visibility or contrast issues, with a cursor that is fine for some people being too small or feint for others to be able to see easily, or in colours that do not work...
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