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Mar 2, 2019 @ 7:09am
Jan 14 @ 10:39am
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This modifies the amount of meat you can get from the animals by skinning them.

Cervus Elaphus---------4
Wild Pig-------------------3


06/03/2019 Added Key .

24/03/2019 One of Guts and a Lard per animal

03/04/2019 Updated to 1.02

26/11/2019 Updated to 1.05

10/12/2019 Updated to 1.06

22/12/2019 Updated to 1.06 ( Added skinning Bear )


You can modify this as you like.
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DayWalker Jan 4 @ 1:24am 
same problems by LessSkinningMeatHARCORE
Katenn Dec 26, 2019 @ 8:09am 
Agree with @Titus, first goat I kill no meat. And for the cow, wofl and sheep after it's full meats. Mod doesn't work.
Medic Dec 25, 2019 @ 2:16pm 
ok. I removed all my mods, updated my serverfiles. Innstalled only this mod. I shot 3 cows. First one, 0 meat. nr 2 and 3 had like 10 to 15 meat. Everytime I have innstalled it it seems to work on first animal I kill, afterwards its not working. sounds crayzy, but thats the way it is..
So for me this mod doesnt work, but it works for others. So enjoy it if it works :)
Nitrix_Spain  [author] Dec 25, 2019 @ 10:13am 
@CoCRUGames .
To which system it refers, the skinning files are the same, it is possible that some mod conflicts with this
CoCRUGames Dec 25, 2019 @ 9:34am 
the 1.06 patch has a different spawn system, and it doesn't work in this mod. it will be very difficult to do this
Katenn Dec 25, 2019 @ 7:22am 
@Nitrix I kill a sheep and other animals, alaways find full meat on them. Something wrong somewhere :) Even try bear and it's full meats too :/
Nitrix_Spain  [author] Dec 22, 2019 @ 1:26am 
No, nothing has changed, try to put this mod the last one in your .bat, I'll be doing tests.
Medic Dec 22, 2019 @ 1:25am 
I see you have helped someone else about this. I will try to reinstall it. Anyway, an idea for your mod. Dont know if its much work or anything, but maybe its possible. How about random amount of meat. Like in bulletstacks you find around on the map. from 1 - 4 meat in one animal, and 0 - 1 lard. Anyway, thanks for the mod :)
Medic Dec 22, 2019 @ 1:16am 
Hi! I run your mod on the server. Its activated, and nop errormessage. Yesterday I skinned a sheep. 3 meat. Today i skinned two wildboar (pigs) And they where full of met. 15 or something in each one. Is this changed? And how about bear?
Katenn Dec 22, 2019 @ 12:18am 
It was just a question. I don't find animal yet and I can't use admin mod atm. I will tell you when I find one ^^