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Asshuri Treasures v0.5.10
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Mar 1, 2019 @ 7:56pm
Aug 19 @ 12:28pm
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Asshuri Treasures v0.5.10

In 1 collection by shogakusha
Asshuri Protectorate Mods
18 items
This is a custom server mod for the players of the Asshuri Protectorate RP/PVP server.

My Mods Discord:
When you land in #Welcome, type !moduser-role to gain access

You can find my other mods here:
Arena Piers -
Northern Timber -
Sand and Stone -

See Change Notes for new items!

While anyone can download and use this mod, it is designed for use to enhance RP stories on our server. It includes:

- several Nordheimer buildings for Admin use
- Globe of Yezud artifact
- Frost Dragon Trophy
- Stygian/Relic Hunter tent
- Lemurian Temple Dog statue
- Stygian Scrying Brazier
- Undead Dragon head Trophy
- Yamatai Well
- Nordheimer Wood Wall 1
- Nordheimer Wood Wall 2
- Nordheimer Wood Wall 3
- Plank Bridge (adjustable angle)
- Wooden Bridge (adjustable angle
- Wooden Ramp Down (attaches to walls)
- Wooden Ramp Up (attaches to ground)
- Wooden Walkway
- Yamatai Oil Candle
- Yamatai Stone Lantern - small
- Asshuri Cavaran Tent
- Longstrider Caravan Tent
- Corrupted Skull
- Corrupted Candle
- Master Artisan Table
- Map Marker totem (places maproom icon on game map)
- Boat Dock totem (admin only, places Boat Dock icon on game map)
- Caravan Stop totem (admin only, places Caravan Stop icon on game map)
- Altar of Erlik (WIP - admin only, altar for the Turkic/Hyrkanian god Erlik, the Yellow Hand of Death)
- Straw Dummy
- Training Dummy
- Glowing Crystal Lamp (can change the color of the light)
- Chasen (bamboo tea whisk)
- Chashaku (bamboo spoon for scooping matcha tea)
- Chawan (tea cup)
- Natsume (lacquered container for tea)
- Tetsubin (iron tea pot)
- Yamamichibon (lacquered tray for hold the implements for the Yamatai Tea Ceremony)
- Tatami - Black
- Tatami - Blue
- Tatami - Green
- Tatami - Purple
- Tatami - Red
- Tatami - White
- Saddle Stand
- Bed - Futon
- Yamatai Candle Stand
- Uwabaki Slippers
- Irori (Yamatai Stove)

Inventory only items as McGuffins:
- Red, Green and Frost Dragon Eggs
- A Dragon Fang
- Sealed Bone Scroll Case
- Longstrider Consortium writs, signet and letter
- The Hand of Nergal
- Black Marble Orb (leading to Globe of Yezud)
- Heart of Ahriman
- Jade Demon Mask
- Iron Bound Book of Skelos
- Book of Skelos Page
- Undead Dragon Head
- Frost Dragon Head
- Room Key 1 through Room Key 6
- Lockbox Key
- Simple Key
- Fancy Key
- Ornate Key
- Red, Green and Frost Dragon Wyrmlings
- Dragonhide Book (teaches Dragon Husbandry)
- Dragon Hatchling Carcass
- 3 male and 1 female bounty heads
- Star Emerald
- Carved Skull of Bunda Chand
- Serpent Broach Of Akivasha

Feats and Recipes
- Dragon Hunter: grants recipes to craft the Frost Dragon and Undead Dragon trophies
- Wood Wright Feat: grants recipes fro crafting the Wooden and Plank bradges, walkways and ramps
- Yamatai Artisan: Grants recipes for Yamatai Well, Oil Candle and Stone Lantern
- Dragon Husbandry: Grants recipes Frost Dragon Wyrmling, Frost Dragon Hatchling, Green Dragon Wyrmling, Green Dragon Hatchling, Red Dragon Wyrmling, Red Dragon Hatchling
- Dummy Crafter: grants recipes to craft the Straw Dummy and Training Dummy placeables and new Saddle Stand
- Handheld Radium Gem: Crafts a glowing radium gem held in the main hand

Corruption Orb

- Frost, Green and Red Dragon Hatchlings

- Burning Skeleton: NPC Undead Skeleton that causes Heat increase

- Handheld Radium Gem (held in Right Hand)

This mod will likely continue to grow to meet the needs of our admins and storytellers.

This mod contains assets (art, music, code, items, systems and/or designs) that are the intellectual property of Funcom Oslo AS or their licensors
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Wolf Girl Aug 20 @ 5:53pm 
thank you I love your mods
shogakusha  [author] Aug 20 @ 5:22pm 
MOD ID: 1670458123
Wolf Girl Aug 20 @ 5:11pm 
is there a MOD id for this
shogakusha  [author] Aug 20 @ 5:28am 
Hi @Nerezza, I am glad you are enjoying my mod content. Requests for modders to carve out or make smaller sub-mods are common. However the common response is that it increases work, time consumed, storage space and upkeep for the modder. So unfortunately my response is that I will not be separating the Yamatai themed content from my mod.

Under general conditions it is not possible to work with, re-package or alter another author's mods unless they give you access or copied of their assets. I am not sure how you would do this on your own without unpacking my mod and making off with my intellectual property.
Nerezza Aug 20 @ 3:21am 
Could you pack your Yamatai decorations/furnishings into a separate mod for those of us who just want things like your Yamatai futons, and don't want to deviate from vanilla too wildly with the other additions in this mod?

I'm sure this is something I could do for myself, but distributing the altered mod among friends would be complicated without uploading it to the workshop and I want you to have full credit for your own stuff, obviously xP
shogakusha  [author] Jul 25 @ 2:23pm 
Asshuri Treasures v0.5.9 released

2.4.6 compliant

Updates to Dragon Husbandry
- The Dragonhide Book (admin spawnable) that teaches the Dragon Husbandry Feat, will now also teach the 'Draconic Fodder' recipe. Draconic Fodder is crafted in Alchemy Benches and is now a required component to rear a Wyrmling into a Dragon Hatchling in an Animal Pen. This should fix the issue with players crafting Dragon hatchling pets without having obtained the Dragonhide Book.

Asshuri Treasures 0.5.8 HERE:
Direct Download 0.5.9 HERE:
Tyramizou May 17 @ 7:17am 
thank you so much!
shogakusha  [author] May 17 @ 7:14am 
Tyramizou May 17 @ 7:00am 
now I'm too blind to find the MOD ID... -___-
Tyramizou May 17 @ 6:56am 
thank you for your answer, I'm glad to hear that.

and it's not only wifey enjoying your mods, me as well... okay, then I will also install the treasures... I already use Sand and Stone and the Northern Timber.

thank you so much for your work. :steamhappy: