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Unlockables for the Gentlemen of the Row
Unlockables for the Gentlemen of the Row Mod For Saints Row 2
The Gentlemen of the Row mod for Saints Row 2 PC is a massive integrated collection of mods, tweaks, and fixes that greatly enhances the game while still staying true to the spirit of the original.
Jailbreak - None

Appointed Defender - Redlight Crib

Down Payment - Saints HQ crib

Three Kings - Homie Slot 1 (recruit one homie to follow you)
First Impressions - none

Reunion Tour - Donnie's car, *NEW Donnie Outfit

Waste Not Want Not - None

Red Asphalt - None

Bank Error in your Favor - * NEW Jessica Car, * NEW Jessica Outfit

Thank you and Goodnight - Brotherhood Melee, * NEW Matt Outfit

Retribution - None

Jail Bait - None

The Enemy of my Enemy

The Siege - Minigun

Showdown - Brotherhood Vehicles, Maero Monster Truck, Brotherhood Taunts, Pierce Homie, * NEW Maero Outfit, * NEW Carlos Outfit
Got Dust, Will Travel - None

File in the Cake - None

Airborne Assault - Tobias homie, * NEW Tobias Outfit

Veteran Child - Samedi Melee, * NEW Veteran Child Outfit

Burning Down the House - None

Bad Trip - None

Bonding Experience - None

Riot Control - None

Eternal Sunshine - * NEW Mr Sunshine Outfit

Assault on Precinct 31 - * NEW Video Repairman Outfit

The Shopping Maul - Samedi Vehicles, General's Bulldog, Samedi Taunts, Shaundi homie, * NEW General's Limo, * NEW Shaundi Outfit, * NEW General Outfit * NEW Samedi Opressor
Saint's Seven - None

Laundry Day - None

Road Rage - None

Bleeding Out - None

Orange Threat Level - None

Kanto Connection - Ronin Melee, *NEW Dual Katanas, *NEW Jyunichi Outfit

Visiting Hours - Medical Opressor heli

Room Service - None

Rest In Peace - * NEW Shogo Outfit

Good D - * NEW Mr Wong's Outfit

One Man's Junk - *NEW Mr Wong homie, Ronin Vehicles, Kazuo's Kaneda, *NEW Jyunichi's vehicle, Ronin Taunts, Johnny Gat homie, * NEW Pierce Outfit, * NEW Kazuo Outfit
Picking a Fight

Pyramid Scheme - Ultor APC

Salting the Earth… Again

…And a Better Life - * NEW Ultor Tornado Attack heli, * NEW Johnny Gat Outfit, * NEW Dane Vogel Outfit
Listen to the three wiretaps inside the Detective Bureau room in the Stilwater Police Department in Harrowgate, then head into Troy's office to get more information to unlock a new Saints mission on the map.

Revelation - Julius' Car, * NEW Julius Outfit
DLC04 - Aisha Homie
DLC05 - Carlos Homie
Suburbs Level 3: * NEW Crowd Control Outfit
Suburbs Level 6: 15% Clothing Discount
Marina Level 3: * NEW MYSTERY OUTFIT
Marina Level 6: Chain Saw

Level 3: Mechanic Discount 5%
Level 6: Mechanic Discount 15%, Demo Derby Vehicles

Airport Level 3: X2 Ultimax Shotgun
Airport Level 6: Infinite Shotgun Ammo (all shotguns)
Hotel and Marina Level 3: * NEW Luz Homie
Hotel and Marina Level 6: Ronin notoriety reduced at a faster rate 15%

Red Light Level 3: *NEW Vehicle Delivery service (Charge) *Delivered by Legal Lee homie
Red Light Level 5: *NEW Vehicle Delivery service (Free) *Delivered by Legal Lee homie
Red Light Level 6: *NEW Pimp cane
Stilwater University Level 3: Sons of Samedi Notoriety Reduced at a faster rate 15%
Stilwater University Level 6: *NEW Mystery Outfit
All Escort activities Completed: Escort Vehicles

Arena Level 6: 30% more damage with fists
Prison Level 3: Gold Desert Eagle
Prison Level 6: Troy homie

Projects Level 3: Kobra Pistol
Projects Level 6: Infinite Pistol Ammo
Suburbs Level 3: *NEW Police Outfit
Suburbs Level 6: Police notoriety reduced at a faster rate 15%

Trailer Park Level 3: *NEW Gyro Daddy
Trailer Park Level 6: 15% weapons store discount
Barrio Level 3: * NEW MYSTERY OUTFIT
Barrio Level 6: 15% reduced bullet damage

Factories Level 3: 2x Sprint
Factories Level 6: Infinite sprint
Museum Level 3: * NEW MYSTERY OUTFIT
Museum Level 6: 15% less damage from vehicles

Red Light Level 3: 15% crib customization discount
Red Light Level 6: *NEW Chainsaw Launcher
Nuclear Plant Level 3: Flamethrower
Nuclear Plant Level 6: Annihilator RPG

Suburbs Level 3: 5% improved weapon accuracy
Suburbs Level 6: 15% improved weapon accuracy
Red Light Level 3: * NEW MYSTERY OUTFIT
Red Light Level 6: 30% discount food and liquor stores
All Septic Avengers levels completed: Septic Truck

Chinatown Level 3: 2x health regeneration
Chinatown Level 6: 3x health regeneration
Downtown Level 3: GAL43 SMG
Downtown Level 6: Infinite SMG ammo

Downtown Level 3: * NEW MYSTERY OUTFIT
Downtown Level 6: 15% less damage from explosions
Apartments Level 3: *NEW SPAS 12 Shotgun
Apartments Level 6: Brotherhood notoriety reduced at a faster rate 15%
All Trail Blazing levels complete: Fire Fighter Suit

Complete any 1 Chop Shop list: Buggy
Complete any 2 Chop Shop list: Kent (combine)
Complete all 5 Chops Shop lists: 75% Mechanic Discount

Complete any 1 Hitman list: Grenades at crib
Complete any 3 Hitman lists: Satchel Charges at crib
Complete all Hitman lists: Infinite Rifle ammo

Avenger Jacket: 3 Gold star rank in Gang Kills

Saints Race Bike: Complete all motorcycle races
Saints Plane: Complete all plane races
Saints Yacht: Complete all boat races
Race car Bezier: Complete all car races
* NEW Platinum UFO: Complete all races

NOTE: You only need to finish with a bronze star or at least 3rd place to "complete" a race towards the unlock
No Fall Damage: 3 Gold star rank in base jumping

Zombie Mask: Complete all levels in Zombie Uprising

Traffic cone hat: 3 Gold star rank in vehicle surfing

Pimp Suit: Complete Ho-ing Level 10 at any location

Jane Valderama homie: Complete 30 muggings
*NEW Silenced Pistol: Complete 60 Muggings

Free Food and Liquor: Successfully hold up 20 stores (you can only hold up a store in an area you don't control)

Saints Ambulance: Complete all levels in Ambulance diversion

Saints Fire Truck: Complete all levels in Fire Truck diversion

Saints Toad ATV: Complete 10 Hostage diversions

Saints Tow Truck: Complete all levels in Tow Truck diversion

Super taxi: Complete all levels of taxi diversion

The Duke's Bootleggger: Complete all 80 Stunt Jumps

Shock Paddles: Complete all levels in Ambulance diversion

Bandit vehicle: 3 Gold Stars in the following: Big Air, Oncoming, and Near Miss (can happen separately at different times)

5 Barnstorms Unlimited Fire Extinguisher ammo
10 Barnstorms Unlimited Flamethrower ammo
20 Barnstorms Unlimited Minigun ammo
30 Barnstorms Unlimited Rockets ammo
35 (all) Barnstorms Unlimited thrown ammo


NOTE: The original music track unlocks have been made freely available for purchase at Scratch

10 CDs unlock secret outfit #1
20 CDs unlock secret outfit #2
30 CDs unlock secret outfit #3
40 CDs unlock secret outfit #4
50 CDs unlock secret outfit #5

Zombie Carlos homie: Complete all Brotherhood missions and call Eye for an Eye (5555966)
IdolNinja :

Gentlemen of the Row :

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Rub_My_Meat May 2 @ 8:07am 
It works, i messed up a few times modding it but got there in the end.
Just don't rush the modding process and read the tutorial CAREFULLY
DoraThe DrugExporter Apr 16 @ 5:05am 
google it you monkies it still works just need to put the effort in
Kalona The Ravenant Mar 28 @ 9:57am 
I can't get this mod to work, so I'll treat it like the Breathers treat Covid... thus, this mod's a hoax; it's fony.
DoT. Feb 8 @ 4:57am 
anyone else experience frame drops while playing sr2 gentlemen of the row?
Daedalus Jun 17, 2020 @ 6:03am 
fuck nvm I guess even if you start a new game stats from old saves somehow carry over and mess with the mod? I didn't even realize this game supported cloud saves until I noticed my time spent in multiplayer stat
Daedalus Jun 8, 2020 @ 10:34pm 
anyone know what might cause some diversion rewards to not unlock? I didn't get the one for basejumping at first and then I tried again and it registered, but I'm well above the required number of hold ups and muggings and can't figure out what's wrong.
Agent Lousiana Jun 2, 2020 @ 12:10pm 
more like FL1PPY amirite