Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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HR Class I 'Jones Goods' 4-6-0
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Locomotive
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Mar 1 @ 4:46am
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HR Class I 'Jones Goods' 4-6-0

This is the 4-6-0 Class I 'Big Goods' or 'Jones Goods' designed by David Jones for the Highland Railway.

As usual, comes complete with tinting, aging, logo support and a reversed version.

For transparency purposes, the textures are a modification of the vanilla game's A3 textures.

Available: 1894-1940
Lifespan: 40 years
Top Speed: 100 kph
Weight: 94T
Power: 1000kW
Tractive Effort: 102kN

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ALMC Warden Mar 9 @ 7:12pm 
This is Rather good at freight runs (probably with passengers as well tbh) i have a route that climbs a steep gradient with a sharp curve that goes down to 20 something mph and the other engines that i have (Mainly Passenger Service 0-4-2&4-4-0 with Bogie Coaches mind you) On that Route usually struggle to climb with the Lighter Coaches Than Heavier Freight Yet this manages The Freight run like a charm
Le_Derp_Heavy Mar 8 @ 9:28am 
mattamartin Mar 4 @ 8:55pm 
could you make a pack of British 2-8-0's
captain403 Mar 1 @ 10:01pm 
More HR Locos would be great!
gr1m  [author] Mar 1 @ 4:11pm 
Oldhip: I'm not very good at/not very interested in replicating historic carriages, but I'm kind of working on a 'generic set' of earlier bogied compartment carriages that will have a number of different variations with features typical of the 19th century.

Unfortunately it's kind of slow going because the way I'm building the model itself is modular so I can hopefully add to it in future with shorter versions and the like, but there is definitely something in the works. I just can't give any sort of estimation on timeframe at this stage unfortunately.

Also I keep getting distracted with engines. >.> but stay tuned! xP
Oldhip Mar 1 @ 2:53pm 
Brilliant, you any good at supplying carriages , we need more variety with speed etc Thumbs up.
Buffalo Bill Mar 1 @ 9:40am 
First class,thank you!
SteveM4 Mar 1 @ 8:07am 
Thats a beauty right there Gr1m. I had my sights on this a while back but I am so glad you were the one that made this, as it is a relative of the other Stroudley locos.

Stunning job, I cannot wait to use it.
TheFreddiest Boi Mar 1 @ 7:39am 
Very nice! Will def use this a lot!
pauliei Mar 1 @ 7:06am 
Christmas come early this and the 4300 mogul in the same day!!! thank you so much looks great