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Sneaky Stashes and Stuff
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Feb 28, 2019 @ 2:54pm
Nov 19, 2020 @ 10:49am
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Sneaky Stashes and Stuff

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We are proud to release Sneaky Stashes and Stuff! This mod uses current in-game models and custom ones, adding more than 30 new place able objects ranging between Base building structures, Decorations, Static World Containers, and many more random goodies. We aim to tweak and improve this mod as it is still WIP and changes will come in the near future involving QOL tweaks to our custom stairs and platforms as well as the textures for these items will be changed in the future. An optional COM placement script is included with the mod for Admins that would like the sneaky static world containers spread throughout their world (sparingly) as apposed to placing them themselves manually. Get creative with your use of Sneaky Stashes, most of these objects not only will enhance general vanilla experience but can be used creatively in events, mini games, role play, all sorts of fun stuffs. The mod will be ever expanding as the game grows and we hope our mod provides more aspects to base building in the current game.Crafting recipes will be listed below, now go stash all of your belongings in your favorite secret stump.

Want to try out Sneaky Stashes on a server that has it configured in a very unique fashion? Check out Sanctuary City

This mod is not compatible with More_Containers_and_Decorations as this is a re-branded and improved version

If you have any issues or questions/feedback you can find our official discord here[]

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Updated Recipe List:[]
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Mod is now open source, feel free to repack edit and customize to your hearts content. I may not be back for quite some time and when I do return I might mess around with modding or even add some of the planned content I was working on to this mod, but at this time I'm not sure when that will be. Have fun, Share the wealth, Spread the fun ^_^

Shoutouts to community member Killerek for sending me some script to keep this mod alive for 1.10! They are a very kind member of the community and you should tip your hat to them if you enjoy using the mod still. Take care all
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Wrath Dec 31, 2020 @ 4:54pm 
I don't mean to clutter or spam but I wanted to add a video of me try to make it. That way you have an idea of what I'm going through.
Wrath Dec 31, 2020 @ 4:04pm 
I can't make the lumber/log piles. It doesn't give an option when holding one and looking at another on the ground. I noticed there is an ability to stack logs up to 4 and it stated that it was removed because of issues. I believe if I am reading correctly. I have tried with single logs (non stacked)
Miami_BaT Dec 31, 2020 @ 4:59am 
How to craft small lumber piles, I do see the recipe but its not working, what am I missing, what tool I need, Ive used a saw, hammer. but no prompt on making the small lumberpile anyone made this with no issue can help?
Ibsen Nov 24, 2020 @ 10:22pm 
Thanks for your work on this. I'm having trouble crafting the beds. Am I missing something? I have the mats.
Miami_BaT Nov 19, 2020 @ 10:11am 
thank you :reawakened::cozyspaceengineersc:
jest  [author] Nov 19, 2020 @ 10:10am 
Update incoming very shortly
jest  [author] Nov 19, 2020 @ 8:59am 
I hear its just a param name change in the hologram that needs to be fixed to get hte mod compiling again, if I have time later today I will definitely take a look. If anyone has a working branch they'd be willing to contribute I'd gladly add you as contributor etc. as well, due to the fact that I am not really active in dayz much
Flakster Nov 19, 2020 @ 8:57am 
Please can you update for 1.10?
Kalmar | Nov 19, 2020 @ 7:33am 
Oskar Dallas Oct 2, 2020 @ 5:05am 
There is a conflict with the CFDZPlugin mod. Can't found......DEFAULT