Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Game Mode: Classic, Deathmatch
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Feb 27 @ 9:49am
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Competitive defuse map set in an American trailer park.

-> Defusal map
-> 32 Spawns
-> Custom KV file - FBI V Pheonix

All feedback appreciated.

Special thanks:

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Noiz.^ [Add for 10 mans] Mar 16 @ 1:07am 
Our ten play played this tonight. We enjoyed it layout. Call outs were quite difficult due to trailer colors. perhaps unique colors or objects on them to help. Bomb sites were fun to take and hold. With few more tweaks and adjustments. This map could be even better. Also, the water tower pole on A site has clipping issues.
Vulpes Mar 15 @ 10:46pm 
Played this map tonight with a large group of friends and we found a few minor issues if playing comp. I believe this map has great potential, but is a prime example of a map with to many angles. Some of the routes need to be simplified, and the heights some buildings need to be raised to make it feel less cramped. (we tend to play a lot of office so we are used to more small and dense maps) While playing I felt like I could see almost 3 to 4 entrances no matter where I was on the map. There are a few exploits and bugs, but I think all in all this map was pretty rad and more than half of the 12players enjoyed it. The theme of the map and artwork is phenomenal and really impressive. Great work!
Meurglis3 Mar 9 @ 8:03am 
Very nice and bright map with a harmonious combination of open areas and covered passages... his summer mood and setting reminded me of the good old map Westcoast (by Lowtech). Great Thanks to OrnateBaboon for his Great Work!
Neo_Wesker Mar 3 @ 4:16am 
layout is close to iris or mirage3
Wangon | SDK Mar 2 @ 3:41pm 
Great map, kinda reminds me of Far Cry 5 ;D
WoodTree37 Mar 2 @ 12:06pm 
What a beautiful map!
Serialmapper Mar 2 @ 12:02am 
Finally :P
ŻÓŁW TAKTYCZNY Mar 1 @ 11:16pm 

maritime museum Mar 1 @ 4:39pm 
site names are switched, bullet decals don't show up on many props, otherwise a good map.
Katan Mar 1 @ 5:38am 
I saw this on Mapcore like 2 months ago. Couldn't wait for it. It's really nice! Keep up the good work :). Love it!