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Climate Balance - Complete Pack
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Feb 26, 2019 @ 5:44pm
Nov 11 @ 9:42pm
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Climate Balance - Complete Pack

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Climate Balance is an overhaul mod which tweaks various aspects of the climate system introduced with the Gathering Storm expansion. Climate change is no longer something that happens quickly and goes by without notable damages. Instead, it will take more CO2 emissions until the effects appear. But when they hit, they hit hard. More coastland will flood. Storms will become more frequent and violent. And you really start to wish those Flood Barriers weren't so expensive with all that flooding around and you desperately scramble to get rid of your power plants. Rebalanced Climate got you covered in those cases as well.

This Complete Pack version is a bundle of several smaller mods which are available individually as well, with various options. See below for details. This mod as well as all of its components as individual downloads require Gathering Storm, of course.


  • Global temperature rises 50% slower.
  • More tiles get flooded from Climate Change (65% setting, compatible with Primordial map scripts).
  • Nuclear Power and uranium-powered units produce only a quarter of their previous CO2.
  • Climate-based Disasters have more unqiue damage and yield patterns.
  • Storms (Hurricanes, Sandstorms) give yield bonuses less often to account for their more frequent appearances.
  • Sandstorms and Blizzards less deadly to improve balance for civs in tundra and desert. Hurricanes more deadly.
  • Fires add yields to tiles more rarely but are also less likely to spread to adjacent tiles. But Burnt Forests and Jungle temporarily have increased yields.
  • 75% of flood yields are mitigated by dams instead of 50%.
  • Flood Barriers more expensive to build, but cost no longer scales with number of floodable tiles. This keeps their cost in check with the changes to the number of floodable tiles. Cost still scales with global sea level. Purchase cost for Flood Barriers tripled to avoid too big of an advantage from Valletta's suzerain bonus.
  • Power Plants running on Coal, Oil, or Uranium can be decommissioned at any time after unlocking the Environmentalim civic.
  • Reworked Climate Accords to reduce points for dirty power plants and give points for cleaner power plants. No more points for decomissioning but for the regular Industrial Zone Logistics project instead.

Download Individual Components
For those who wish to prefer some customization or want to opt out of certain features because they are already using another mod for it, the components are available individually as well (underlined components are included in the Complete Edition):
  • More coastal flooding due to global warming: 60% - 80% - 100%
  • Decommission Power Plants Expanded: Power Plants running on Coal, Oil, or Uranium can be decommissioned at any time after unlocking the Environmentalim civic. Rebalanced the role of decommissioning in the Climate Accords.
  • Climate Disaster Tweaked: Storms, floods, and droughts become more frequent as climate change progresses
  • Slower Climate Change: x1.5 - x2 - x3
  • Cleaner Nuclear Power: reduces the CO2 caused by using uranium for power or for units by 75%
  • Rebalanced Flood Barrier Cost: Flood Barrier cost no longer scales with the number of floodable tiles in the city, but has a higher base cost and is much more expensive to purchase directly
  • Carbon Recapture unlocked by Tech: Carbon Recapture project unlocks at 60% efficiency from Smart Materials tech. Global Warming Mitigation civic brings it to full capacity and is required for the Favor bonus (which has been reduced by half).
  • More gradual Deforestation: adds more deforestation stages to make the progression smoother and to increase the impact of the most severe deforestation.

Recommended addition (not included in the Complete Edition): Renewable Energy Complexity
This mod provides additional features to renewable energy, including the ability to transfer renewable energy between cities.

Warning:These mods do stack with each other. Example: "100% Slower Climate Change" (twice as slow) and "200% Slower Climate Change" (three times as low) together will together make climate change appear six times slower. This effect happens with mods from other authors as well, so use with caution. Especially mods making the game slower in general (e.g. "8 Ages of Pace") already slow down climate change. In these cases I recommend not tweaking the number further with mods from this collection unless you have experienced some matches with the mod and want to slow it down even further. Rule of thumb: Don't use two mods which do the same thing.

Aside from that, there are no compatibility issues on a technical level. However, some mods may be redudant with this mod and either one might get overwritten.

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dwrightmets07 Dec 2 @ 3:05pm 
Have you tried this on the larger maps that were made unplayable by Gathering Storm? I'm hoping the slower global warming mods can prevent the crashes caused by the sea level risings. Will be testing it myself over the coming days too. Thanks!
H.Humpel Nov 23 @ 12:52pm 
your mod has been translated by ASM590319 into German and the translation is now part of the German translations for Civilization VI mods mod pack.
We would be more than happy if you could refer to the language translation in your mod description.
JNR  [author] Nov 11 @ 9:17pm 
Good catch! Overlooked this one, but there aren't any crashes or so, the extra bonus just won't be available. Turned out though that due to a bug, it *never* does, even without 6T. Will fix it all ASAP and also updated 6T with compatibility that will move the bonus to a still-existing civic.
Gr1mTheReaper Nov 10 @ 6:36pm 
So, just wanted to know. Is this mod not compatible with Project 6t? Got the tech requirement only to realize that the other mod doesn't have Global warming mitigation.
DudeChris33 Sep 21 @ 8:37pm 
also using take your time mod and also having issues with rapid climate change.
also the deforestation meter seems to either be bugged or not account for reforestation because I planted over 100 forests (on standard size map) and it did not change from total deforestation
also I am unable to decommission power plants even after environmentalism
interpolxxx Jun 4 @ 2:44am 
i am using take your time mod, use x10 slower tech and civil :) i am setting your mod as 25% CO2 only, but still alway reaching maximum level quiet quickly:steamfacepalm:
Korian May 30 @ 10:24pm 
Same question as PerroMalo, which are the rewards for reforesting ? Is it possible to decrease the deforestation value (and the Co2 malus) ? I'm desperately looking for a mod that could actually reverse climate change or at least give the possibility to decrease the deforestation level
gordcavanaugh May 8 @ 5:47pm 
I can't seem to be able to decommission any power plants, even after getting the Environmentalism civic...