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Loopy Lore: The Official Mod
Number of Players: 2, 3, 4, 4+
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Loopy Lore: The Official Mod

About The Game
Loopy Lore is a storytelling card game where you build worlds and tales from scratch with your friends. Pick a story template, choose the ending and work towards it! There’s ONE story, ONE ending, so everyone has to work together, using their imagination and whatever cards they draw.

Loopy Lore is the perfect game to exercise that quick wit and creative muscles through its quick set up and simple play, regardless of your previous experience telling stories. Everybody is welcome at the Loopy table.

Play Summary
After setting everything up, each player flips a card from the table and talks about it for 30 seconds, which is the length of a turn. Any input is valid, so you can go at your own speed! The game is over once all cards on the table are used, so everyone has to work together to guide the story towards the Ending before the final round is over. Good Luck!

Contents and Info
• Age 10+
• 30-60 minutes of play
• 324 cards in 6 unique decks
• 30 second timer
• Manual and Structure Book

Equal Grounds: Players of any experience can easily participate in a match of Loopy Lore. The game is balanced to give everyone an even playing field and ensure a good experience. Trust your friends and the cards, you'll have a blast!
Structures: After choosing an ending for your group's story, you can choose one of 13 different Structure Templates to set up the rounds. Whether you're short on time or your group wants to tell an epic tale, our Structures have got you covered.
What a Twist!: If your friend needs some help or perhaps you feel the story needs more pizazz, you can play a Plot Twist on their turn and really throw things for a loop! See what they come up with when they have to deal with some Radioactive Jam.

Want to play the game physically? Download our FREE beta copy at:

Make sure to download the required items to play the game (Digital Hourglass and Rulebook)
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Prezombie May 12 @ 9:36am 
This game was a blast, but the rulebook was a huge pain, every time you flip the pages the pages fly up from below the table knocking all the cards around!
Tyrant Apr 13 @ 8:17am 
You made this workshop submission well in advance of making it public. That means this mod was never seen on the first page of 'Most recent'.

For exposure, I recommend deleting and reuploading your workshop submission.