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FIRE Fantasy 19 w/ dll and asset mod -> Read Install Instructions
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FIRE Fantasy 19 w/ dll and asset mod -> Read Install Instructions


The brand new FIRE Fantasy 19 Mod features Formula 1, Formula 2 and Formula 3, GT World and GT Cup as well as LMP1 and LMP2.
For the Single Seaters you will find the 10 real F1 Teams as well as 26 Teams that were/should be or could be running Single Seater Teams. The F2 and F3 models are based on F1 with different Fins. Every Team has their own list of engine Suppliers.
For the GT Series and Le Mans Prototypes you will find 24, mostly worksteams, each with their own car and Supplier options.

The way liveries are interacting with car models has been completly changed.
Instead of projections there are UV Coordinates used now. That means the cars in the race will look as perfect as in the menu. That’s a big difference to vanilla.
Choose only liveries from the „workshop“ tab and cycle through them to find fitting liveries for your car:

Liveries 1-125 are used by F1-F2-F3
Liveries 137-199 are used by GT Cars (scan through them to find a fitting one, details on discord)
Liveries 211-241 fit the LMP1/LMP2 (scan through them to find a fitting one, details on discord)

For more features go to:

Patchnotes 18/03/2019

Download the Mod with steam. The Mod comes with a DLL and a ressources.asset mod that got features to make this mod work. Installation of this DLL is mandatory if you want to play the mod, otherwise you get stuck at some point. (like when choosing engine suppliers). The ressources.asset is optional. If you do step 2, it's mandatory to do step 3.
There is also a video tutorial:

To install the complete experience with Fire Fantasy 19 do the following:

1. Installing the DLL

go to ~\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\415200\1666084526\Extras

there is a file called Assembly-CSharp.dll
Copy and overwrite to:
~Steam\steamapps\common\Motorsport Manager\MM_Data\Managed

2. Installing the ressources.asset and the linked traits (hence 3.) is optional and requieres a new career (will not work on Mac/Linux)

go to ~\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\415200\1666084526\Extras\ressources_asset

there is a file called resources.assets
copy and overwrite to:
~Steam\steamapps\common\Motorsport Manager\MM_Data\

3. Installing the personality traits to work with the asset

go to ~Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\415200\1666084526\Extras\ressources_asset
there is a file called Personality Traits.txt
copy and overwrite to:

How can you be sure that you did everything correct?
- if you put in the DLL correctly, the start year of your career is 2019
- if you put in the ressources.asset correctly, the GMA logo is now a FIA Logo
- if you put in the personality traits correctly, you will get lots of messages between mid March and April about drivers who got into academy

If you don't put in the DLL you will face problems.
One of the important features of the DLL is hiding Part Suppliers you are not able to buy and setting the start year to 2019 as well as other things that make the game less predictable and more enjoyable.

Do not have more than one "heavy on ram mod" like ICE/FIRE subbed. You may face long loading times or worse.
Do not click while the game loads.

In the "extras" folder you will find optional Design Datas.

--Important notes before playing---

Do yourself a favor and take the first years in your career to learn the new mod. A lot of new stuff, a lot has changed. Money seems to be a lot in some cases but you will need it.

Too easy or too hard? Change the difficulty in the game settings!

Do not expect "realistic" results from series you are not active in!

Expect funny, weird, wrong suppliers in the first year of cyot (due to limitations), the single seater series are not made for Create-Your-Own-Team, there are many reasons for that. If you want to ignore that, you will face a long time until your car is competable.

Do not attempt to play the tutorial with this mod.
This mod will only work in careers, not single races. Savegames from other mods/vanilla may not work as intended.
Best balancing results are given using "Long Races".
Do not have other mods or assets running (in best case not even subbed because all mods will load on game start and will eat all your RAM and/or crash the game) while attempting to play the mod. We are not responsible for other assets or mods and activating them might break the mod.

-New Potential System-


The FIRE Fantasy 19 Mod has been tested and there are no game-breaking bugs or issues.
99% of problems are user indicated, like having too many mods subbed (not active/subbed is enough to crash the game), and not following the install instructions.

If you have trouble getting it to work please try the following things:

Please verify your gamefiles via Steam, try restarting motorsport manager/steam, see if the mod downloads in steam, if not try to sub again. Restarting your pc helped in a lot of cases.

You are stuck choosing an engine when building the new car? Read the install instructions or at least watch the video on how to install the mod.

Increasing your pagefile size helped in a lot of cases if the game crashes on loading and leaves a crash dump.

If you have more problems and care about getting it solved, make a *detailed* report on the discord. We can't help you if you comment here.

If you have the phenomenon of standard team liveries looking wrong, drivernames not loading etc, disable all other mods and assets. ALL assets, additional liveries won't work with this mod as well, all liveries are specially made for the models in this mod (again, use the liveries from the "workshop" tab in the livery menu)

If you attempt to play this mod on a insufficient laptop or pc you will face long loading times or worse.

Is this mod compatible to Mac/Linux?
3D Models will be black because there is no mac shader in the mod template.


Demanding mods or release dates via comments will be ignored.
If you care to get information, visit the discord to find us working on stuff, get insights of features, if you want to discuss, ask questions, additional trouble shooting (help will not be provided via steam comments):

If you want to support us visit


That's the Mod we always wanted to make and there will be no other 2019 Mods this year.

Thanks to Falko for making Liveries and Logos
Thanks to Andy for making Liveries
Thanks to Antonio for sharing his Ideas for the GT/LMP Series and helping with Lineups and researching and testing
Thanks to Kewin for testing
Thanks to Ramon for researching SingleSeater Principals/Chairmen
Thanks to Aurélien for helping with models
Thanks to Kai for the insights and discussions in the last months
Thanks to Zane for researching stuff