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Autonomous Dependent States [3.3.*]
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Feb 23, 2019 @ 4:17pm
Oct 27, 2019 @ 12:56pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Autonomous Dependent States [3.3.*]


Version 2.1


  • Now works with 3.3.*
  • NEW OPTIONS: "Ask to become an Autonomous State" and "Revassalize Autonomous State"
  • AI now uses both "Release as Autonomous State" as well as "Ask to become an Autonomous State" options.
  • AI will only use the first option if they have very minimal prestige or negative.
  • Granting an autonomous state gives a prestige boost of 20. (Testing phase, might adjust later).
  • You can ReVassalize the autonomous states after 2 years(testing). They can also bribe you and rebel to keep their autonomy.
  • Autonomous Vassals can no longer be called to wars
  • Adjusted factors for AI to increase chances of rejecting becoming an Autonomous State if they have chance to gain the throne (Are among two most powerful vassals), or if their relative power to the ruler is more than 5.

Release your vassals as autonomous dependencies which act as tributaries.

Ever wished that your big empire would break into smaller "autonomous" states which you don't have to micromanage? Look no further. With this mod, you can release a vassal as their own independent dependency. They will do whatever they like, they'll just give you some gold and troops in exchange. (Think Rome-Armenia in the antiquity or Post Alexandrian Diodochi)

You can right click on someone's picture, click "Release as Dependent State."

  • An autonomous state will give you 25% of their income and troops, and in exchange you have to protect them.
  • They can fight other similar autonomous states, but you can intervene in any such wars.
  • You will gain 0.1 prestige+piety every month from such interactions.


Here's how it works in simple terms:

  1. You offer a vassal independence and protectorate status.
  2. Generally, they're more than likely to accept (Hey, independence!).
  3. However, if they're among the first two most powerful vassals and are likely to inherit/get the entire realm, they'll try to bribe you or outright refuse, in which case, they might choose to go to war.
  4. If you win the war, you get to imprison them and then you can release them and they will accept.
  5. You can ask nearby rulers to become their autonomous state if you're independent as well.
  6. You can revassalize the autonomous states after two years if you have certain prestige. You'll take a prestige hit.

Near Future Goals

  • Give your vassals a 30 day ultimatum, in which duration they might be able to gather support from other vassals who like them more than you to plead on their behalf. They might offer you money/favors and rejection might mean them banding together against you.
  • Granting Autonomy to HRE dukes/kings makes them "Princes."
  • Revassalizing autonomous state is a bit wonky right now, but it works for the most part. I'll work on making sure it works 100% of the time. There are some bugs like sometimes there is no wardec after they break off.


Does not work well with CK2+, as it already has those options integrated. It WILL work if you force it to, but weird things happen, like some options never showing up in character context menu.

Compatible with HIP.


Alternative Download Link

If for some reason Steam workshop is being wonky for you, You can download the mod from zippyshare HERE []. Just unzip it in the mods folder for your CK2 documents directory.


Variant where Tributaries can be summoned to war

Some people wanted to have a version where you can call your tributaries to war. You can download that variant HERE[]. Note: This might make Tributaries OP.

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Meow.yang Sep 25 @ 9:47am 
Hi, great mod, but could you make an diplomatic option so you can ask/threaten an independent ruler to become your tributary? (so you don't have to declare war on them?)
Great Doge of Venice Mar 3 @ 5:56am 
How do i break free as an autonomous state? The kingdom that was supposed to protect me just collapsed...
Dark Gospeller Aug 17, 2021 @ 9:22pm 
Might it perhaps be possible for you to produce for this mod a set of pre-game settings. For example allowing or disallowing the AI from utilizing this feature. Frankly speaking, I would very much enjoy something as such.
Alexander the Golden Jul 27, 2021 @ 4:54pm 
Honestly paradox should have just made this for the holy roman empire wish this was base game.
Wizard Jul 5, 2021 @ 12:11pm 
Can this be removed mid-game without problems?
fear  [author] May 1, 2021 @ 1:11am 
Hi guys,
Sorry, been awol for a long while, mostly because of work and major changes in life. I also just got my PC rebuilt, so I'll reinstall CK2 tomorrow and answer your questions as to why x is not working or some such.
Thanks again for your patience. I apologize about the delay.
Meow.yang Apr 23, 2021 @ 11:26am 
Hi, Im playing France and became a dependent state of the holy roman empire, now im strong enough to challenge the HRE, but I found theres no CB for me to use to declare an independence war, what are the requirements to obtain a CB? Great mod btw
Inquisitor Jan 5, 2021 @ 10:55am 
The problem of allowing AI to use this function is that they tend to mess with their kingdoms. This is better used in border counties or duchies but AI will make tributaries without strategy.
TheBigPotato892 Nov 14, 2020 @ 9:57am 
i would super appreciative of that because this mod looks really cool and sounds like an awesome mechanic. if its not compatible with just jade dragon i just might have to fiddle with some code and make it compatible
fear  [author] Nov 14, 2020 @ 6:42am 
@PotatoLord892 : Jade Dragon adds various conquest casus bellis based on tributaries. It's been a while since I worked on this mod so I *think* that's all that it does, but I can double check sometime this week and get back to you.
I originally made it just for Horse Lords for what it's worth.