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Master Computer Authority
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Feb 23 @ 2:51pm
Sep 8 @ 5:59am
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Master Computer Authority

"If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him."

This mod adds new authority - for a society that is ruled by a sentient supercomputer. It's called "Master Computer", duh.

Only materialists can choose this authority. Societies ruled by Master Computer enjoy increased stability but suffer from latency issues - like megacorporations they do suffer more heavily from going over admin cap, but unlike megacorps, they do not receive increased cap.

This authority disables all regular civics, but unlocks new civics. Most of them are regular boring civics (Although I tried giving attention to unsual modifiers) but 2 are special. "Problem Solver" is another purifier type. "Mind-Machine Integration" adds a new job and turns your leaders into cyborgs. "Virtual World" enables new amenity-heavy jobs and "Datavore" gives you new casus belli and rewards you with extra science for killing enemy ships.

When game starts, a new immortal robotic leader will be generated. Its name will be chosen at random unless you play as prescripted human country. But either way, you can rename it.

Mod package includes 6 prescripted countries:
-Project Providence (Generic alternate Earth)
-Shal-Cheem Integral (Mind-Machine Integration)
-Unsullied of Haldrea (Problem Solver)
-Kern Worldnet (Virtual World)
-Maar-Toq Wildfire (Datavore)
-Denn-Vorrel War Engine (Wargamer)

In order to fascilitate this mod's functionality, I had to overwrite a lot of things:
- Caus Belli (Making game recognize Problem Solvers as purifiers)
- Several Game Rules (Preventing unreasonable releases mid-game)
- Civics (Need to disable them for new authority)
- All Factions (I'm not sure what would happen if player tries shifting away from materialism and I don't want to find out)
- Policies (Unlocking armageddon)
- Other Pop Jobs (Purge editing)
- Scripted Localization (Help game realize what Diplomacy swap is all about, except I'm not entirely sure if it works)
- Scripted Trigger (has_total_war_cb)
- Capital Level Scripted Triggers (if you use ZOFE or Playable Fallen Empires, use compatibility patch here: )
- Species Rights - Citizenship and Purges
- Diplomacy and Domination Tradition. Glavius AI is partially integrated to ensure AI won't prioritize them against all logic.
- Urban Districts: Use for universal district compatibility or Alpha Version of District Diversity:

If this mod manages to generate enough interest, I will see into making compatibility patches with major competing mods.
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Mar 8 @ 12:30pm
Balance feedback
Violent Beetle
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Mr. Sunshine Sep 16 @ 1:08pm 
Ah, well, it's just a thought if you have any future plans for this mod. Which by the way, thank you for making. It's out of the norm in default Stellaris governments and with that you have provided a new way to play.
Violent Beetle  [author] Sep 15 @ 8:05pm 
Another problem is that I don't want to change existing buildings and jobs in any way. So far I managed to stay out of them, because any AI mod would affect them. It's already compatibility nightmare as is.
Mr. Sunshine Sep 15 @ 1:16pm 
I agree, it would be kind of hard to make sense of since it would seem to lean more towards the spiritualist ethic. However, I was thinking that you could make it similar to your Mind-Machine Integration civic or similar to the Exalted Priesthood civic (despite it being a spiritualist civic.) I don't mean to be pushy or anything, sorry if I seem to be.
Violent Beetle  [author] Sep 15 @ 12:56pm 
Considering I locked this authority behind materialist ethic, it'll be hard to make sense of.
Mr. Sunshine Sep 15 @ 12:08pm 
Hi, so I was wondering if you could add or create a new civic where the organic population worships the Master Computer as somewhat of a god. I got the idea from Destiny and I think it would go along with what you said at the very top of the page. "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him." I'm sorry if you've already said no about this.
Violent Beetle  [author] Sep 8 @ 6:02am 
New update, new civic. This time converting trade into science.
Violent Beetle  [author] Sep 7 @ 4:05am 
I guess you can try it.
N057R4D4MU5 Aug 31 @ 12:44pm 
Violent Beetle, Master Computer and Administrative AI are mods with similar idea of Artificial Intelligence governing state full of organic species. Mods are different in only civics and "mechanics" - in MC has only one computer as a ruler, in AAI robots can be also leaders and they are working on planet as ruler jobs. Also these two mods not have unique interactions for example when you are MC and you meet AAI - is kinda "weird", when isn't "Oh! Empire ruling by AI like us! WOW!!", but "oh. another empire. yaay.".
Fusing will rely on creating one authority with civic of these mods, ones will be fused like Problem Solver (MC) and Anti-Biocracy (AAI and others civics.
Violent Beetle  [author] Aug 31 @ 9:06am 
What exactly are you planning?
N057R4D4MU5 Aug 31 @ 5:32am 
Hello, Violent Beetle.
I came up with an idea to fuse your mod with similar mod - Administrative AI, but i need permission. Can you gave it to me, because it's brilliant and interesting idea. Btw. i need some help with fusing that mods, because it will be difficult. (sorry for my english, but you get the point)