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IDF LITE mas - Israel Defense Forces and Middle East Opfor
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Feb 23 @ 7:52am
Mar 1 @ 4:02pm
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IDF LITE mas - Israel Defense Forces and Middle East Opfor

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OPFOR & INDEP Factions mas
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This addon provide Israel Defense Forces units and vehicles to BLUFOR side, and also a Middle-East type OPFOR faction; It adds several new uniforms plus custom helmets, including Ops Core and Mitznefet helmet cover, platecarriers and other equipment in order to represent IDF and Opfor units in following factions:

- IDF(Army): regular army units and vehicles.
- IDF(Special Forces): SF units for all spec-ops missions.
- IDF(SF Paras): SF units equipped with parachutes ready to be deployed fom the sky.
- IDF(Special-Troops): CBRN operator and snipers in ghillie suite.
- IDF(SF Divers): SF units with diving equipment.
- IDF(SF Covert): SF units wearing civilian clothes and low tech equipment to blend in with guerrilla.
- IDF-OPFOR: Middle-East type OPFOR faction, with guerrilla type fighters, and technical vehicles in all variants.
I used web sources for references.

- Units are equipped with retextured Tavor rifle, plus some other custom weapons like Galil, UZI, MicroTavor, and AKS74U with rails, so no other addons are required now.
- Units are equipped with custom Glock and UZI pistols.
- Retextured vehicles includes for IDF: Merkava MK-IV Tanks/MLRS/SPG, Namer APC/Air-Defense/CRV, M-ATVs, SF quads, SF LSV, SF boats, UH-80 helicopter, mortar.
- Retextured vehicles includes for OPFOR: technical unarmed/HMG/AT, mortar.
- Units are equipped with custom Ops Core and Mitznefet helmet cover, helmets, headgear, platecarriers, uniforms.
- Weapons are compatible with CBA and all third party's optics/accessories compatible with CBA, even if CBA is not a requirement for this addon.
- Each camo class has its own faction now (Alive will spawn units with same camo now).
- Custom facegear like googles, gasmasks.
- Paras and Divers units already equipped with parachutes and diver gear respectively.
- There are 3 weapon boxes containing all weapons/ammo and custom gear/equipment.
- Wide variety of groups in the editor.
- Uniforms, headgear, weapons and equipment can be placed on the ground in 3d editor now.
- Preview pictures in the editor.
- Custom flags and markers.
- Classlist included in folder.
- Compatible with Alive,Eden Editor, Zeus, ACE, and all other mods.
- Reduced addon size, improved cfg, improved models and textures and removed dependencies from other addons.

Faction's names:
mas_idf_areg = "IDF";
mas_idf_cpar = "IDF(SF Paras)";
mas_idf_dspec = "IDF(Special-Troops)";
mas_idf_ediv = "IDF(SF Divers)";
mas_idf_fcov = "IDF(SF Covert)";
mas_idf_OPF = "IDF-OPFOR";

- Arma3 with Marksman and Apex DLC.
- No addons required.

Not so far.
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massi  [author] Mar 1 @ 4:05pm 
- Added custom plate carrier for SF
- Added ACH helmet for SF
- Reworked helmets, plate carriers, suite uniforms: models, weight and optimized LODs
- Reworked gas-mask model
- Reworked some textures
- Polished config
- Special Forces are now inside IDF faction in SpecOps section
V. Berlioz Feb 27 @ 10:51am 

I think if we buried the hatchet on whether reuploaded mods are acceptable or not, we would both find that agreement between us can be found in a lot more places than this one.
TheNightstalk3r Feb 27 @ 10:45am 
For once, I agree with @V. Berlioz ;)
TheNightstalk3r Feb 27 @ 10:45am 
@Glass Sounds like someone got butthurt. Besides, yours isn't the "the first decent IDF mod for years". Just look at CFP. Let the user ratings decide which one the superior one alright? Your statement has no ground to stand on at this moment.
Landlubber Feb 26 @ 8:01pm 
The Scribbles on their headband make no sense XD
V. Berlioz Feb 26 @ 7:41pm 
Rundown Feb 26 @ 7:34pm 
oi vey ids anutta shoah
JohnTheGreat Feb 26 @ 2:32pm 
Where are the Palestinian kids with rocks?
The Reich before Christmas Feb 26 @ 9:16am 
This is a cool mod, but where are the units from?
V. Berlioz Feb 25 @ 5:39pm 
Are there tear gas dispensing bullets?