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Trade Guide
By DBK Games
Trade Guilde
Trade Basics
In the SpaceBourne universe trade depends on 2 basic factors; Supply and Demand.
If supply in a station does not meet its demand, the purchase and sale price of the product will increase.
If there is excess stock of a certain product, that product’s price will decrease because the demand is below supply.

Making money with trade:

1- Basic trade:

In simple terms: it is buying products from stations with excess supply, and selling them to places with excess demand. Simply put: buy cheap and sell high.

2- Stockpiling and Galaxy Supply:

The number of products in the universe is increasing dynamically. For example, if there are 1 million pieces of a product (product A) in the universe today, all stations trade this 1 million “product A”. But if somehow a cargo ship carrying this product was destroyed with its cargo of 100 thousand product A. The total product A in the galaxy will be reduced to 900 thousand.

How can you make money using this system?

You can stockpile. You can buy product A from places with excess stock and store in hangars. After a while, a time will come when the galaxy needs that product and it can can be sold at a much higher price.

3- Illegal Trade:

It is an effective money-making method but it affects your reputation negatively in the galaxy. There are products in the galaxy that are forbidden to trade such as drugs and stolen goods. You cannot sell or store these just anywhere, they can only be sold and stockpiled at pirate stations. You can make big money for a small cargo space with these goods. Highly profitable drugs can be traded for profit and they only fill a small cargo space. However, being involved in such trades will damage your relations with other races, which will harm you while trading other products. (We will explain the relationship of tax rates and race relationships)

4- Trade routes and pirate movements:

Stations also trade among themselves. For example, at Station A has high stocks of medical drugs and Station B has an epidemic. In this case, these two stations make a trade agreement and start buying and selling. After signing of the agreement, station A send a cargo convoy to station B. You can see this action dynamically on the galaxy map. If you can destroy the cargo convoy before it reaches station B, you can loot the products. But keep in mind; this kind of action will have severe diplomatic consequences.
Factors Affecting Trade
Trade News:
In the galaxy, there may be unusual events that affect commercial life in stations and planets. Imagine a station that has an economic crisis; in that case the demand for luxury goods at that station will go down. Or there is a flow of refugees to a planet; there will be an increase of demand for food on the planet. Or the governor of a station is changed, and halted scientific research with a new law; The price of research and science products at that station will go down. You can follow all these events from the Economy section of the Trade window.

When purchasing: It’s + 5%. For example, say you are purchasing a product with a price tag of : 1000 TY, you will have to pay 1000TY + 5% = 1050 TY with tax.

When selling: It’s - 4%. For example, you will receive 1000 TY - 4% = 960 TY for selling a product with a price tag of 1000 TY.

Tax Exemptions: Your relationship with races affects tax rates. The tax you pay when you buy or sell a product varies according to your relationship status with the race of that station.

When buying: 5% - exemption rate
When selling: 4% - exemption rate

If we are to extend our earlier examples to add the exemption rates
Let's assume that the race we trade has a 3% tax exemption:
When Purchasing: 1000 TY + (% 5-% 3) 1020 TY
When Selling: 1000 TY + (% 4-% 2) 980 TY
You cannot store trade products in the Galaxy bank. You have to use special hangars at stations in order to store your trade goods. You can store your trading goods there by renting a space to yourself.

Unlike the Galaxy Bank, hangars are not connected and different for each station. This means that you cannot access the goods you have stocked on a station from another station.
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FoxxNews Apr 24 @ 9:49pm 
Thanks DBK, I am not sure how I missed them, I have seen NPC miners and regularly fight them and I see the glowy ship traffic that looks static in nature. Keep up the Amazing work, the more dynamic the better, the ship fights look and fly great - building a space fleet is really fun.
DBK Games  [author] Apr 24 @ 12:13am 
@FoxxNews; Hello, you can see them at the left bottom corner of trade panel.
FoxxNews Apr 23 @ 7:50am 
Trade and or Cargo ships with trade goods flying around dynamically supplying stations etc? I must not be paying attention because i do not see this in game.