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Additional Creatures: Senior Class
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Feb 21 @ 12:30pm
Apr 10 @ 10:20am
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Additional Creatures: Senior Class

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MOD ID: 1662691167

“Ladies and Gentlemen, here's your class of Additional Creatures 1!”

As much as I said I have my ambivalence towards Additional Creatures, it does hold a special place in my heart as it was the mod that got me on the road to where I am today. So what i've done here is take the models that fit the following qualities:

->Good Model and Animations
->Abundantly liked by Fans

In other words, the best of AC1, and brought them into this side mod for those who wanted only the best of AC1.

However, these versions are DIFFERENT than their iterations in the first Additional Creatures. I've given them quality reworks, new mechanics and niches- because of what i've learned over the years as a modder and my skill increases, I gave them new abilities that fit the original idea I wanted.

Have fun with these graduates of AC1, I've put my heart into these guys (and technically you all have as well!).

-Make sure to read the right discussions!
-Implant Saddle gives armor to all creatures in the mod

///AC1 Graduates!
-Cyprus Dwarf Hippo!

///////MOD PAYPAL////

/////////////MOD PATREON////////////

//////Support me on Ko-Fi!/////



Mod mentor, true great friend.

Collaboration work

-Scanova the Carnotaurus
Mod community manager and official biologist

Mod Official Artist

-Fresonis, everynightxRIOT, Syntac, RePuG, ThatGermanGuy
Epic youtube supporters
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Lezarah May 20 @ 7:24am 
Hey Shadlos!
Thank you for adding so much love and care into these, its real beautiful to see some of the new new dinosaurs and I hope you keep it. I really do. There are some dinosaurs I do think you should but a bit more into. The shanti could use different sounds and "upserver" dinosaur really needs love on the attack movements. There might be a couple of more but I would need to jump solo. They are so close though... I hope I am not sounding bad here but the movement isnt smooth from neck/ mid body down and would hate for others to get on about it when its such beautiful work.
Derptini May 19 @ 6:38am 
Thanks for your attention :)
Shadlos  [author] May 19 @ 5:32am 
I'll see what i can do
Derptini May 18 @ 1:54pm 
Say Shadlos, this mod is proving a big hit with my friends on our private server, thanks for your work^^ However I do have to ask one question - how do I get rid of the irregular heartbeat debuff?

I got clobbered by one of the fish some time ago, and the duration on it seems rather excessive for my liking. Also, I could be wrong, but I think the timer is resetting to max each time we start up the server - since this is a private game for just a few friends, we don't leave the server running all the time and just start it when we play it, and each playsession it seems as though the timer goes up into the 40000 seconds again, meaning that I'll never be free of it.

Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated, thanks :)
OmegaKiryu827 May 16 @ 6:02am 
Spawn codes aren't working.
Shadlos  [author] Apr 27 @ 11:06pm 
No, this is staying as is. they aren't getting tlcs into ark-based models
Gank Apr 27 @ 3:22pm 
I took a break from ark for a bit but its always nice to return to see great stuff like this from gifted modders. TY Shadlos for your time and effort on this, big fan of your work. With that , not going lie, i am going right to AC2 :) just came here to like this and all that.
MrDennisNL93 Apr 1 @ 1:07pm 
are you also gonna upgrade the models, dont get me wrong i love them, but in comparisson of your other mods this needs upgrades
123 Mar 13 @ 9:49pm 
Thanks Gladiator_Kraken !!!!!!
Gladiator_Kraken Mar 10 @ 5:28pm 
Whenever anyone asks for another creature in this mod, keep in mind most of the creatures are planned on being rebooted for AC2