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Surviving Mars

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Silva - Martian Observatory
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Silva - Martian Observatory

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Name: Martian Observatory
Description: Scan the sky to make money or/and research points and start the Cosmos Project(event)!
Type: Research Lab, Outside
Menu: Silva - Outside buildings
Cost: 10 Concretes, 30 Metals, 10 Electronics
Consumption: 15 Electricity
Maintenance: 3 Electronics
Workers: 18 (6 per work shift)
Best workers: Scientists
Required: Nothing and available for all Sponsors

First feature : This building scans the Cosmos and collects lot of data. Each scan needs 10,000 points to finish it. Each hour the building get 50 points + (20% of the performance). When the scan is finished there are two possibilities : great chance to find nothing or little chance to make a discovery. The chance rate (mini 15%) is increased by the building performance (10%). Example with 120 performance : 15 + (120 * (10/100) ) = 27%.
If it makes a discovery you earn Money or/and Reasearch Points (you can enable/disable). If both are enabled, the reward is divided by 2.

Second feature is available if you have enabled the Cosmos Project Events!
The data colected by all observatories in your colony are added to the project. Each phase needs lot of data and starts an event with various choices and rewards. The last phase start an big event available in my next mod! ;)

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xerxes0 May 30 @ 6:31pm 
Good point on only night shift only to look at the dark sky. Adds interesting game play challenge to keep them happy on night shift. Easy to mod it that way too.
geeoutlier May 29 @ 2:33am 
I feel like it should only be available for the night shift. Well, that's how I use it.
Maddy Grand May 25 @ 9:46am 
With so many useful things, is there any chance we could get a functional Rocket Dock ? Refuel and Load up quicker but has to be supplied by drones, rovers or shuttles ? cheers
Marek May 21 @ 2:59am 
No on PC and other mod from you work fine
Silva  [author] May 21 @ 2:33am 
@Marek : You play on Xbox ?
Marek May 21 @ 1:59am 
I have a problem with loading textures, I see only the interior (window and door), how can I fix it??? thx ;)
Devildog May 20 @ 12:20am 
Best mods on the workshop! All by Silva! :cozycrashfish:
翱岚祝融/Aolan Zhurong May 19 @ 11:47pm 
菜单:席尔瓦 - 室外建筑物

Entropy May 19 @ 7:48am 
Not normal breakthroughs? just research outcome?
MatchaCola Feb 23 @ 8:35pm 
I had tried some of your mods and you instantly became my most favorite modder of Surviving Mars.

Looking forward to the part 2 of this mod.