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Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox
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Kurin, The Three Tailed Fox

Introducing Kurin, new visitor to Rimworld.

Kurin is a human being with a gene of fox, made in a long time ago by genetic experiment. in glitterworld.
On the new planet, Kurin created a nation and enjoyed prosperity.
But Kurin was kicked out by humans, and they created an immigration fleet that could leave homeworld.
During the long journey, they were attacked by pirates and the fleet was wrecked and shattered on far Rimworld.
Help them to bring them to a far destination.

What is Kurin?

Kurin's technology is at a mid-level between Midworlds and Glitterworld. Kurin is a peaceful and good race that has just begun to enter the universe.
It is a species made for the purpose of improving humans, and the dexterity is delicate and sharp.

The Republic of Kurin was well-known for its sophisticated machine production and heavy industry. (The smelting, cutting and disassembling speed is slightly faster.)
Most of Kurin is interested in food, and he is very good at cooking tools. (Cooking and slaughtering speed is slightly faster, and good cooking skills have little chance of food poisoning.)

Kurin is a beautiful species and has been widely known to humans. Probably because of fox gene.
Kurin is attracted to others because of his beautiful appearance and three tails. The conversation is also good. (Social Impact is higher than humans..)
There were many trading companies, good businessmen, and merchants in the Republic of Kurin. They have earned a huge fortune with Kurin made goods. (They have some bonus to NegotiationAbility and SellpriceFactor.)

However, the instinct of the fox seems to have made the relation with the plant bad. (Growing speed is slightly slower)
When you are asleep at the end of the day, the bright ears make it difficult to get a deep sleep. (Sleep efficiency is slightly lower)

New Faction, the Republic of Kurin

The Republic of Kurin is a country that does not like to fight.
They will always try to be friendly to you, but now that they no longer have a place to go, they will fight back to survive.


New scenarios
96 new backstory (Translating…)
21 new apparel
1 new trap

Future plans

Balance patch
More clothes and armor
More hairstyles
More contents
Scenario exclusive ending
Other Mod Compatibility Patches
Add a dedicated weapon
Add a storyteller
CE Compatibility Patch

Supported mod

DE Surgeries (Thanks to Proxyer)


English, Korean, Russian
-If you want to translate, please contact me.-

Update notes

2019-2-22 mod upload

special thanks

Runne (story)
밀수업자 (story)
고프니 (art)
Latki (art)

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