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Star Wars Races
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Star Wars Races

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Adds the Wookie, Rodian, Twi'lek, Ewok, and Togruta races to the PlayerColony and PlayerTribe factions.
This makes them available at game start for all scenarios that use those factions. Does not add any additional factions.
Additionally all three races can show up as refugees, wanderers, or slaves during game play.
They will also now show up as part of the Pirate faction by default.

Use the in-game settings to modify how often the different races will appear!
Also control which factions the different races will appear as members of.

What's different?
  • Rodians have the same stats as humans, but have antenna which function as a hearing source, and do not have a bite attack.
  • Twi'leks have the same stats as humans, but have Lekku (the head tentacles) setup as body addons. The Lekku count as a manipulation source. Includes new hats for Twi'leks only with a small research requirement to unlock. Twi'leks can not use vanilla hats/helmets.
  • Wookies are slightly taller than other pawns. They do more melee damage, have additional health, increased comfortable temperature range, and work slightly slower in construction, mining, and plants. Adds a Wookie bandolier as well with a small research requirement to unlock. Wookies are all nudists, but can still wear bandoliers.
  • Ewoks have the same stats as humans, but are smaller than other pawns and have tribal backstories.
  • Togruta have the same stats as humans, but have multiple addons including three lekku and the montrals. The Montrals count as vision and hearing sources. Togruta heads have a distinct face paints as well. Togruta can not use hats/helmets.

Should be compatible with other existing Star Wars mods including any others that add the same species.
Thanks to erdelf for the Alien Race framework!
Thanks to the owners and creators of Star Wars.

Update 5/17/2019
- Fix body addon offsets to support the latest release of HAR

Update 4/14/2019
- Fix Togruta addons to drawn correctly when using light sabers from the light sabers mod.

Update 4/2/2019
- Updated In-game Settings. Includes options to include in all default factions. Adds a copy of the colonist to the outlander civil faction to allow you to select them when using Prepare Carefully. Likewise with the tribal civil faction and the tribal members.

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Old Sport 19 hours ago 
Would you add some new clothing like Example - Togruta dress
SILVER_BUL Aug 17 @ 9:14pm 
Awesome mod thanks alot , I love beating the sh.t out of those guys lmao . Have a nice day.
Fungus Kreeman .$ Aug 3 @ 10:16am 
Just as a heads up, I get errors running this mod with any mod that adds apparel, often glitching the colonist select screen. All I know is that this occurs with generated ewoks, but I need to test further if it affects the other races.
Chris Jul 21 @ 7:50pm 
is it posabile to make it compatible with Dubs Bad Hygiene? as it stands only human pawns hae the Hygiene need. thanks and i agre the Pureblood sith would be cool.

thanks for the great mod.
rabbit_and_rose Jul 7 @ 11:44am 
great mods Thank you !
But... I can not read English.
I want a language file.
I can translate but I can't create language files.
If there is a template, it can be translated.
May the force be with you.
Arjaz Jul 5 @ 11:03am 
Will you add the Pureblood Sith race?
Lancelot Jun 21 @ 4:48am 
have you installed the Humanoid Alien Races 2.0 mod as requested by this mod?
MiAh The King Jun 15 @ 2:22pm 
I'm trying to use this mod with a bunch of other star wars mods and the prepare carefully mod and it keeps giving me errors and not working. I have jecstools and hugslib but it still isn't working. How do I get this mod to work?
SocietyZombie Jun 1 @ 10:30am 
Togruta Head Texture for Female_Narrow_Wide is missing. Was this intended or just forgotten?
Hecc May 27 @ 2:15pm 
Is this mod compatible with Edb Prepare Carefully? I've been trying to use this mod with Prepare carefully. When I try to play with this mod Prepare carefully doesn't work, but when I remove the mod it works fine.