DOOM II: Hell on Earth

DOOM II: Hell on Earth

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Doom with any source port | Steam overlay
By 1200
In this manual I'll tell you how to run any Doom game with source port, such as Zandronum, Zdoom, gzDoom etc.
What is Source Port?
As you can see, Doom runs with Dosbox in Steam. And this is not very comfortable, because you can't play in openGL mode or with HD textures for example. So now I'll tell you how to handle this. But firstly, what is Source Port?

A Source Port is a fan-made program that allows you to play Doom on systems not originally supported (like XP, Vista or 7) or with new features and improvements, including 3D platforms support, OpenGL graphics, mouse look, higher resolutions etc.

There are many Doom Source Ports. All of them support all Doom games like Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom and Master levels.

The most popular Source Ports for Doom are:
Game directory
If you go to the Steam\SteamApps\Common\Doom 2\ directory, you can see there three .bat files, such as:

  • doom2 + mouse.bat - starts Doom with mouse control
  • doom2.bat - this starts Doom without mouse control (classic controls)
  • testapp.bat - this one we won't modify

If you go to the Steam\SteamApps\Common\Doom 2\base directory, you can see there DosBox files, Doom2.exe, Doom2.wad etc.

There are 2 solutions to run Doom with any Source Port. Let's start.
Solution №1
Ok, fisrtly, you need to download any Source Port and extract it into:
Steam\SteamApps\Common\Doom 2\base

Then you must open doom2 + mouse.bat with notepad. In the file you will see this code:
.\base\dosbox -conf .\base\doom2m.conf -fullscreen -exit

In doom2.bat you will see this:
.\base\dosbox -conf .\base\doom2.conf -fullscreen -exit

So, then just delete all text in .bat file, which one you want to launch, paste this code (if you use Zandronum Source Port) and don't forget to save the file:

If you use Zdoom - paste this:

Or this one, if you use gzDoom:

That's all. Now you can launch Doom 2 with Zandronum or any other Source Port and enjoy the game with comfortable controls and OpenGL graphics.
Solution №2
Also, you can do another thing - after downloading Source Port, extract it into:

Steam uses Dosbox.exe to run Doom, so just delete it and then rename zandronum.exe, for example, to dosbox.exe. That's all.

Enjoy the game:)
Steam overlay
Sadly, you can enable steam overlay to take screenshots only in Ultimate Doom. But anyway, using, for example, Zandronum source port, you can play any .wad starting Ultimate Doom (Doom 2, TNT, Plutonia etc.).

To enable Steam overlay you need to use mine Solution №2 (only second, because the first one doesn't work with Ultimate Doom), then open ultimatem.conf file and find there these parameters:


You need to set them this way:


That's all. Don't forget to save the file :)
Cheat codes
There are cheats that you can use in all Doom games:

IDDQD - god mode
IDFA - gives you all weapons
IDKFA - gives you all weapons and keys
IDCHOPPERS - gives chainsaw
IDMYPOS - player coordinates
IDDT - opens level map
IDBEHOLDA - area map
IDBEHOLDV - temporary invulnerbility
IDBEHOLDI - temporary invisibility
IDBEHOLDL - makes level brighter
IDBEHOLDS - rage mode
IDBEHOLDR - radiation ptotection
IDMUS## - changes level music on ##
IDCLEV## - changes level on ##
IDCLIP - allows to move through walls
Bonus content
If you are looking for modern textures, you can download Hi-Res textures pack here[]. There you can find textures for this Source Ports:
  • Doomsday
  • GZDoom (this one can be used with Zandronum)
  • Risen3D
  • ZDoom
Also, if you like heavy music, you can dowload this[] WADs with metal-style original Doom and Doom 2 soundtrack.
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TheClassifiedID 14 hours ago 
Thought Brutal Doom was working but its not, only have the ability to play DOOM II and ULTIMATE DOOM with the overlay. Theres no option to play brutal Doom besides dropping it in the dosbox in the files meaning no overlay for Brutal Doom
TheClassifiedID 14 hours ago 
You got it working! Only took me a fcukin year but you got both GZDOOM and overlay running from inside the game.
TheClassifiedID 14 hours ago 
So i do the exact same on Ultimate + mouse as i did with Doom2
Obunga Ubles Jun 25 @ 4:18pm 
eh doesnt matter anymore i just set doom 2 up for gzdoom and tried to make it as vanilla as possible
Obunga Ubles Jun 25 @ 4:17pm 
I was able to get steam overlay on dosbox for ultimate doom but idk how for doom 2
hrpalladin75 Jun 25 @ 11:29am 
Yeah, if it weren't for Windows Batch files having to disable the feature to use the overlay is what is really annoying. There should be multiple ports for any old games running under DOS that are on Steam.
1200  [author] Jun 25 @ 2:13am 
it's impossible, I guess:steamsad:
Obunga Ubles Jun 25 @ 1:16am 
how do i enable steam overlay WITH regular dosbox?
Eagle Mann Apr 23 @ 6:26pm 
The GZDoom website says 404 not found, so, you have to get GZDoom from
Mr. Feeder Apr 15 @ 5:05am 
Thanks dude! I can finally track my hours playing doom using doomseeker or other source ports!