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Task Force Canada (TFC-CAF)
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Feb 18, 2019 @ 3:54pm
Jun 16 @ 7:15am
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Task Force Canada (TFC-CAF)

Canadian Armed Forces Mod for Arma 3 - v0.

16 June 2021


This is an ArmA 3 BETA release of the Canadian Armed Forces mod.

There are several bugs that are being worked out as we add in new content. We ask that you be patient and send us bug reports through

Task Force Canada (TFC) is the result of two great Modding teams merging to create the best Canada has to offer - CAF mod 1&2 by DJ Edyo and Theebu respectively, and Operation North Star (ONS). We will be updating and adding new Canadian content through this mod. Please only use this mod, as it could conflict with the previous three Canadian mods.


- Army - CADPAT Temperate, CADPAT Arid, CADPAT Multi-Terrain (AKA Prototype-J), CADPAT Winter;
- Navy - Coming soon!;
- Air - Temperate & Arid; &


- Headdress - CG634 Helmet, FAST helmet, Boonie Hat, Beret, Helo Helmets, Ballcaps, David Clarks;
- Vest: Tacvest, SORD Vest;
- Weapons: C6, C7, C8, C9, BHP, SIG 226, Colt MRR, C14, C15, C20, C79 Elcan;
- Uniforms: CADPAT Temperate, CADPAT Arid, CADPAT Multi-Terrain (AKA Prototype-J), CADPAT Winter;, MCAM;
- Backpacks: Small-pack, Rucksack, Trauma Bag, Mystery Ranch, and some Arma3 Backpacks re-textured;
- Vehicles: TAPV, LAV6, LSVW (all variants), MLVW (all variants), G-Wagon, Bison Ambulance, Bison CP, MILCOT (Half-ton), Leopard2A6M; &
- Aircraft: CH146, CC130J, CH147F.


- Aircraft: CP140, CT156 Harvard II, C17;
- Armour: Leopard2A4M, ADATS, Coyote; &
- Other: New Logistics Trucks (AHSVS), MSVS.


- CBA (Community Based Additions)


- Website: (Work in progress)
- DISCORD: CAF Discord [] (We post sneak peaks, have discussions and take bug reports through there!)


- Members of the Task Force Canada (TFC) team;
- CC130J - we are Temporarily using re-textures of the amazing RHS mod ( - see re-textures) until our CC130J is ready to go;
- RHS Mod (currently a dependencie for our weapons grip system);


- ARMA/Bohemia Interactive (BI) - for the great model templates and textures;
- S.Morency (Configs, Basic texturing, Basic modelling);
- AASE/SWEDE (Weapons Configs, Basic texturing, Basic modelling);
- O'Hally (the grandfather of ONS who inspired me (S.Morency) to keep modding this pack)
- Somnambulist (texture and modelling artist);
- Chukk007 (texture and modelling artist);
- Brett (Configs & GitHub);
- Vergy (texture Artist);
- O.Languedoc (texture Artist);
- Amtoj (texture Artist);
- Moof (helped with textures);
- Turbosquid (great models);
- CGTrader (great models);
- Members of CAF ARMA 3/SQUAD MODS for their feedback;
- Members of 7CMBG for their feedback;
- Thanks to RHS for their amazing Grip pod System, and Rechamber system;
- Offworld Defence Simulations (ODS) for the amazing LAV6 & TAPV purchased from them;
- Bucci & M.Hall for purchasing many models;
- Shaleshock for his amazing promo images of the mod;
- Thank you Toadie for you P226 source files; &
- Thank you to BWMod for the Leopard2A6 sounds.

*** Let me know if we forgot someone...

Much more is on the way! Remember to join our discord to post reports and interact with the community!
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my only issue is the saturation and brightness of the cadpat. otherwise my group love using this mod. and its fairly accurate. props
Slavik Jun 18 @ 6:10pm 
Any chance you could add The Canadian Scottish Regiment
cage765 May 10 @ 5:57pm 
Looks good. As soon as the RHS dependency is overcome I look forward to downloading this mod.
☣Volkov☣ Apr 29 @ 2:56pm 
The mod is good I just want to offer a small correction on the name of the TAC-50 variant.

While yes it is a TAC-50 on Cadex Dual Strike Chassis, It is just named TAC-50C.
In the CAF, we refer to it as the C15 LRSW.

Keep up the good work.
Toastwitz Apr 20 @ 5:49pm 
Do you have any plans to make a field manual for TFC? Not many mods add one, and it'd be nice to learn about some of the regiments in the CAF from the manual. (Sorry for repost, forgot to hit Sub to Thread)
SwEdE Apr 20 @ 7:53am 
@neretropazanchic yes all are planned for release.

@Wolf - the RHS dependency is only because of their Grip system, we are working on creating our own and once that is done it will be removed.

@Notaloli a mast LRSS will be coming just dont have a date for it yet.

@Sergei thank you for the kind words.
Sergei Krusminov Apr 12 @ 5:20am 
this mod is great, can't wait for more content to it! looking forward to the tapv and msvs being added!
-Vandoo- Apr 10 @ 8:45am 
Hello, is that possible to (remove) the dependencies from RHSUSAF ?
neretropazanchic Apr 8 @ 1:50pm 
Are you planning to make an MSVS MilCOTS Navistar? TLAV? AHSVS?
neretropazanchic Apr 8 @ 1:39pm 
Developers you have a good leopard and a very realistic shot sound!!! More of these sounds!!!))