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Waiting Rooms
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Feb 18 @ 1:14pm
Feb 19 @ 5:08am
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Waiting Rooms

This mod provides station platform waiting rooms and signage.

Its beta at the moment - there are some visual issues I'd like to fix - if I can - but it does the job.

UK stations typically have buildings for various purposes on the platforms.


Sign or building - buildings can be placed either with or without signage - signs can be placed without buildings

Building - Two building sizes - the buildings are designed to fit under the in game canopies - they have a white grid roof this was intended to make it easy to line them up.

Brick - buildings can be yellow, red, old red, and white

Platform signs - platform numbers 1 to 6, there are room signs - gents/ladies/station master/parcels and waiting room -
also double platform numbers 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 - if placing buildings with signs these will be either side.

height - the platform height.

The signage is Southern Green at the moment - I will add BR blue when I have the time.

On busy platforms you will find customers waiting 'inside' the buildings and walking through walls - nothing I can do about that.

- I like to use this with the generic station turn the platform canopies off place the waiting rooms and then turn the canopies back on.

- If you use the 'buildings with signs' option then the platform signs fit the obolong building and the others fit on the square building. - You can delete the signs individually.

- I'm not and never have been much of a graphic artist - (I write code :) ) - the buildings are actually re-skinned and re-scaled in game industrial buildings - actually no that was my first go - they are in fact bits of the small 1850 station with a roof pinched from an industrial building - not the most efficient solution but does the job.

- I have a few other ideas I'm experimenting with to add to this.
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Norfolk_Chris Mar 18 @ 4:21am 
This mod can cause a game to crash. You can place one set at one station ok, if you the try to add a second set the game crashes to desktop. :steamfacepalm:
V2KWas Feb 22 @ 5:07pm 
Thank you!
cutting Feb 22 @ 6:55am 
YAY! My Local Rail Company!
Mad Hatter  [author] Feb 19 @ 6:08am 
GrijzePilion Feb 19 @ 6:08am 
I can think of a few GrandT's who will love this.
Mad Hatter  [author] Feb 19 @ 5:11am 
Hi Norfolk Chris - thanks for the feedback - you are right something had gone wrong - it should be better now - obolong/square option should work. An the other signs should fix themselves to the square building
Norfolk_Chris Feb 19 @ 2:14am 
These need a bit more work.
The oblong/square option does not work, only oblong working.
The signs only work for platform numbers. The textures also need some more work.
Mad Hatter  [author] Feb 19 @ 1:24am 
Hi Peter, to answer your question - No it isn't. The graphics used are all from the original game. The code to make it work is all mine. I haven't borrowed anything that any other modder has made and I never will. When I created my first mod for this community I didn't realise how protective some people were. For the record - anyone can use my code as is or as a template.
SteveM4 Feb 19 @ 12:36am 
These look good, I like.
Peter 1949 Feb 18 @ 11:24pm 
Is this going to be like your glass canopies that was withdrawn after a few days and caused a lot of problems to some people like me who lost two months work. No thank you very much will stay clear of your addons thank you