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Space Engineers

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Space Engineers Star Trek Mod Pack Borg Clan
Borg Clan Star Treck Server Mods Edit by Unimatrix Zero

Wir sind die Borg.
Sie werden assimiliert werden.
Deaktivieren Sie Ihre Schutzschilde und ergeben Sie sich.
Wir werden ihre biologischen und technologischen Charakteristika den unsrigen hinzufügen.
Ihre Kultur wird sich anpassen und uns dienen.

Widerstand ist zwecklos!
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midspace admin helper [EOL]
Created by Screaming Angels
End Of Life - not receiving any more updates.

The Admin helper commands for both single player and multiplayer, are a set of script chat commands that you can quickly type in to perform an action that is not generally available in game.
Including posit...
Energy Weapons (stable/dev)
Created by Cython
Implemented custom hitscanning mechanics for laser turrets (real lasers now!).


This mod currently adds two new turret weapons for large ships that are completely driven by power and have their own unique mechanic...
Star Trek - Impulse drive [Red,Blue,Green,Yellow,Purple]
Created by ZÆRO
Based on modular thrusters mod
Original mod can be found at: Warbros ft.Rider: Modular Ion Thrusters 2.0

This Mod Update was created for proper use in the STAR TREK universe....
Easy Inventory
Created by DraygoKorvan
Keen reached out to me and asked permission to borrow ideas from this mod. Permission was granted.

As a consequence of the release of build planner I have ceased development on this mod. The mod will remain on the workshop as is for people running previ...
KNZ Server Optimization
Created by KNightstyleZ
Tweaking Vanilla stuff to improve Server Performance, Gameplay Experience and Reduce Bugs.

Changed Applied so far:

Nerfed Small Drills by 7.66%
Buffed Large Drills by 26.33%...
Modular Encounters Spawner
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

This mod was designed to be a flexible framework that will handle nearly all spawning of NPC grids in your game world. It's been built to be compatible with existing NPC mods, while also providing new and powerful options to add ex...
Azimuth Power Mod Pack~(DX-11 Ready)
Created by SEModder4™
Azimuth Industries is now proud to present the DX-9 and DX-11 Compatible Azimuth Batteries and Reactors.

Fusion Reactor (Various sizes): Large and Small ship
Batteries: Large and Small ship
V8 style reactor: Small ship

Defense Shields - v1.9(86)
Created by DarkStar
Version: DefenseShields - v1.9(86)

New Mod
Check out my new weapon/combat system which replaces keens:

If you appreciate DefenseShields and/or WeaponCore please
[Broken - See Notice] Advanced Energy Cannons
Created by Meridius_IX / Lucas

Until further notice, I will not be updating this mod or the script that operates it. While update 1.195 was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back, there have been many underlying problems with the scripting and the repairs would...