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Improved Quality of Life
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Improved Quality of Life

  • Simplified Main Menu
  • Improved UI
    • Text for HP and Stamina Bars
    • Shelter, XP and Time of Day Icons
    • Text showing amount of status indicators and how long until they run out
    • Buff notifications are smaller and show remaining time in text
    • Crafting filter to show only craftable recipes
    • Crafting queue icon shows progress in percentage
    • Enemy healthbar has text to display numbers and has fixed position
    • Crafting Tracker
      • Add/remove recipes to/from tracker by using the buttons on the crafting UI, next to filter buttons
    • Notification on crafting station queue completion
    • Zoomable Minimap with Compass and Respawn Marker
    • Waypoint Marker on the map and minimap
      • Open the map and press spacebar to place it on the cursor position
      • Press spacebar again on a new position to change its current location
      • Press spacebar again on the same location to remove it
    • User defined color for the player marker on the map and minimap
  • Appearance Designer
    • Improved character customization experience
      • Character is in idle state instead of being crusified
      • Character can be rotated by dragging the mouse while holding down the left mouse button
      • Camera can be moved up/down and left/right with WSAD keys
      • Camera can be zoomed in/out with QE keys
    • Customize appearance of current character
    • Switch between appearances on demand by saving customizations to slots and loading from them
    • Apply color tints via HSV color picker
    • Modify character name and crimes
    • Wider ranges for height and physique sliders
    • New body part sliders
  • NPC Appearances
    • Customize thrall appearances and tinting via radial interaction menu
    • Transfer character appearance to/from thralls
    • Override ranges of customization attributes for NPCs
    • Toggle clothes of NPCs on/off
  • Physics Sliders
  • Server Settings for Admins
  • Pause Game (Singleplayer only)
  • Slider to change the duration of blood fade time
  • Mod settings saved to file

Minimap Zoom In: SHIFT + HOME
Minimap Zoom Out: SHIFT + END
Pause Game: SHIFT + ESC
Settings: SHIFT + M

Q: Why can't I move my character while playing with a controller?
This is a known issue, however there is a workaround. You need to disable the minimap in the mod settings menu. Log out and log back in, you should be able to move your character with your controller now.

Q: Can you split this mod into two by separating appearance features and HUD improvements?
No, "stuff" is too interconnected to be separated from each other at this point. Moreover, even if it were the case, more bugs would likely pop up since it is a big mod.

Q: Why do sliders have weird minimum/maximum values?
The admin slider range override feature enables admins of a server to change the minimum/maximum values of sliders.
If you are playing on a multiplayer server, the server admin may have forced these values on you.
If you are playing in singleplayer, you can make yourself an admin and change these override values.
In any case, if you want to go back to the default values, you can either click on the restore defaults button or turn the override feature off.
By default the override feature is not enabled.

Q: Why is the admin slider range override feature not working?
You must close the settings menu for the values to be updated. If you try to change a slider in another tab in the settings menu after changing an override value without closing the settings menu first, it won't work.

Join the server[] for roadmap, planned features, known bugs, versions yet to be released and better communication; questions, feedback and requests.

Mod Compatibility
Mod ID is 1657730588 and incompatible with mods that modify:
  • Characters/CharacterAssembleLibrary
  • Characters/humans/meshes/SK_human_Skeleton
  • Master_AnimBP/AB_human_female
  • Master_AnimBP/AB_human_male
  • UI/Building/W_CanBuildIndicator
  • UI/CharacterCreation/Actors/AB_CharacterCreation
  • UI/Framework/InventoryIconView
  • UI/HUD/W_GameModeHints
  • UI/HUD/W_HUD_Crafting
  • UI/HUD/FloatingNames/W_EnemyHealthbar
  • UI/HUD/Notifications/W_HUD_BuffEntry
  • UI/HUD/Notifications/W_HUD_BuffList
  • UI/HUD/Notifications/W_HUD_NotificationList
  • UI/Inventory/CharacterDisplay/W_UICharacterDisplay
  • UI/Inventory/CraftingGUI
  • UI/MainMenu/W_MainMenu_MainMenu
  • UI/Map/W_FullscreenMap

You can send me Steam Gift Cards through Steam if you appreciate my work.

My Mods
All of them can be viewed here.
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11 hours ago
PINNED: Servers Running This Mod
Muzlu Pasta
May 30 @ 9:01am
game pad
< >
Muzlu Pasta  [author] 15 hours ago 
It's in steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\SaveGames as MP_something.sav. Just remembered physics also stop if the loaded gender is different than the current one.
Yavamien 16 hours ago 
Hey Muzlu ! :) Thx for your quick response, but the hardware isnt the prob. When i create a new char everything is working fine, but when i load a saved apperance the physics stops. And this only happens to me, not to someone else on the server. I tried this on the Server and in the singleplayer with the same mods loaded, and the same result. So i think that my local save file for the apperance and settings for this mod is broken. Could you tell me where the file is located so that i can delete this, and reinstall the mod clean.
Παπά Σμπούρ 21 hours ago 
Der Mod ist cool den haben wir bei uns auf [GER / DE] Gaming Portal auch drauf und noch viele mehr. Also kommt mal vorbei wir freuen uns wenn du zu uns mal zocken kommst.
Muzlu Pasta  [author] Nov 19 @ 10:50pm 
If physics stop working, it means there are too many mods installed which your PC / server can't handle, so it stops physics.

@Bob Lee Storbæk
Character creation is not modified. Press SHIFT + M.
Yavamien Nov 19 @ 1:40pm 
Hi Muzlu ! I have a prob when i load a saved Char appearance the cloth stop moving, and stuck like wood on the Char. In the Inventory window everythings looks fine. I have reinstalled the mod, but cant find the save location for the Apearance slots so that i can delete this too, may be theres something broken.
Bob Lee Storbæk Nov 19 @ 1:38pm 
Appearance options aren't there for me.
Major_Valentine505 Nov 17 @ 9:19am 
XD cool going to test this mod out just for that feature I love SP but can't stand no pause -.-
Vallen Nov 13 @ 7:06am 
@Major Pause is working without issues here.

@Muzlu Fair enough :)
Muzlu Pasta  [author] Nov 13 @ 12:49am 
Worked last time I played.

@Evil incarnate
Thrall and NPC stuff are all dynamic.

Depends on my mood and spare time.
Major_Valentine505 Nov 12 @ 7:16pm 
Question How well does the pause feature for SP work with this mod?

I had the other mod Pause on Escape but it is really buggy. Causes the game to freeze and have to be force closed after being on pause to long.