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Tobii Headtracking
By Momfer
Setting up Project Cars 2 to 98% ignore your eyes and uses your head to pan the Helmet camera
Setting Project Cars 2 to 98% ignore your eyes and just track your head.
If like me you get really confused by how the Tobii eyetracking is moving the camera around.
And the only thing you really want is head tracking to move the helmet camera.

Add this to the startup parameters of Project Cars 2

* Go into Steam.
* Right click Project CARS 2.
* Select properties.
* Click Set Launch Options.
* In here type/add "-tobiiEye 0.1 0.1"

This sets the tracking speed of the eyes to the smallest value and sets the panning angle of the eyes to it's lowest setting. Effectively turning it off. Well 98% of really you can still move the camera a tiny bit with your eyes,

But a quick glance in the mirror is now done by a quick flick of your head without the eye tracking interfering.
And I can keep looking at the Apex without the camera rotating towards it.

Hope it helps, It made my experience with PC2 and Tobii a lot more enjoyable.
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Momfer  [author] May 21 @ 10:37am 
I have no idea Willy Brake, I can only imaging to enable the helmet cam. To be fair I haven't noticed any performance difference with Tobii on or off. And I'm using a stone age GTX Titan.
Willy Brake May 20 @ 1:31pm 
Errm, why do I have to run PC2 in VR mode for eye tracking? I sure I don't need to do this for ETS2 - its just in the normal Options. Running in VR gives me serious hit on framerate. I have to turn visual performance right down just to get eye tracking! It's simply not worth the hit. Surely this is wrong?
Mondyrocks May 16 @ 8:13am 
Thank you so much for this, it's a total lifesaver!

I love my eyetracker but it was unuseable in PCars 2 because of the reasons you stated and now it's perfect :)

Gonna try this in AMS2 also :))
Momfer  [author] Feb 12 @ 11:01am 
Tobii Eye Tracker 4C is what i use to make it work.
Rolo Fuentes Feb 3 @ 6:09pm 
what kind of camera do you need and where should I place it??