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Ski Resort Complexity
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Ski Resort Complexity

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Adds dynamic tourism based on adjacencies to ski resorts.

Ski Resorts look great, but are underwhelming from a gameplay perspective. They have no adjacency relationships and their Tourism output is static because mountains always have their Appeal set to 4.

This mod aims to change that. Now you have to think a bit more about where to place your Ski Resorts. They no longer receive any Tourism automatically or based on Appeal. Instead, Ski Resorts receive Gold and Tourism from a variety of adjacent terrain, features, and improvements (with a special for Canada).

Their placement is also more limited. No more skiing in mild coastal climates or hot desert! You can still build a Ski Resort in polar snow to entertain the local population, but do not expect to attract any tourists in such freezing temperatures.

While this means that you now have to put some work into attracting tourists by creating a nice panorama (mountains, forest) as well as local infrastructure (e.g. Entertainment Complex), a fully-developed Ski Resort can be up to 50% stronger than the fixed tourism before, on top of gaining gold yields.


In order for this mod to work, you need my "Workable Mountains for Everyone" mod which gives every Civ the ability to work mountain tiles. Otherwise, the yields will not show up and no Tourism will be generated.

Also, this mod requires Gathering Storm, of course.


Ski Resorts can no longer be placed on desert mountains. Ski Resorts cannot be built on a mountain adjacent to more than one water tile.

Ski Resorts receive +1 Gold adjaceny bonus from:
Natural Wonders, Grass/Plains/Tundra Mountains, Forests, City Centers, Entertainment Complexes (and Street Carnival), Water Parks (and Copacabana), Seaside Resorts, and Hockey Rinks.

Tourism equals gold yield.

+1 Culture to Ski Resorts with Amundsen-Scott Research Station.
+1 Gold to Seaside Resorts for adjacent Ski Resort.
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JNR  [author] Mar 24 @ 8:32am 
@william.xantos: independently from what? The dependency? I will make an update soon which will get rid of that necessity, but I don't see the issue. All it does it make mountains workable, which is necessary for this mod here to work.
william.xantos Mar 24 @ 8:05am 
I really like this but could you do this mod independently?
zon Feb 26 @ 6:54am 
thx for the update :)
Moyocoya Feb 24 @ 2:17am 
Do you know if IA players use properly this new version ?
JNR  [author] Feb 23 @ 4:02am 
@TPangolin sorry, that's not possible as long as we don't have access to DLC assets.
TPangolin Feb 23 @ 3:24am 
Hi there! I love the mod. Great ideas throughout and embodies the Civ tenets of 'Playing the Map'. One suggestion I have if it's within your skillset is to see if it's possible to randomise the angle of the Ski Resort graphic. Having them all at the same angle looks strange across the empire.

In any case - lovely mod!
Moyocoya Feb 18 @ 8:37pm 
Oh yes, you are right. I did not remember this. Sorry for my post !
JNR  [author] Feb 18 @ 8:33pm 
many mountain ranges cross over into desert ingame, and there are non-desert mountain tiles right along the edge. I consider that an acceptable issue when it comes to preventing ski resorts on a lone mountain *in the middle* of the desert.
Moyocoya Feb 18 @ 8:09pm 
Well, look at a map, they are really on the edge fo the desert. At last, I think that in a Civ map they would appear as desert mountains. By the way, many people in Europe (I live in France) knows that you can ski in north Africa. And they go there because they are sure to find a beautiful weather. There is even eternal snow in the Atlas (for the moment :steammocking:).
JNR  [author] Feb 18 @ 8:00pm 
well then those peaks aren't really "desert mountains" but "plains mountains", are they? Desert mountains ingame are snow-free.