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Magic Combat
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Feb 14 @ 6:33pm
Aug 20 @ 12:37am
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Magic Combat

The Hearthlings have harnessed the elemental magic forces!

Adds special visual effects and minor damage adjustments to some higher level skills for the Footman, Knight, Archer and Cleric jobs. Also applies to advanced jobs in High Class mod. Compatible with ACE mod.


Archer Speed Shot: extra damage DOT -8 health 3 times over 3 seconds, 60% chance
Cleric attacks: damage value 4; normally 2
Knight Aggro Shout 2: damage 1.5x base weapon attack, AOE damage, debuff chance is 75%
Footman Cleave: damage x3, targets 2 more AOE, animation 4 times longer, cooldown is 4x as long
Footman Power Spike: damage x2, cooldown is 2 more seconds; it was normally underpowered because of a long animation

Check out another mod too: Space Magic
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boxer1708 Jun 1 @ 5:30am 
i already downloaded it
boxer1708 Jun 1 @ 5:30am 
Yay thx
findersword  [author] May 25 @ 3:56pm 
Hey Boxer1708, I put out another mod: Cleric Combat!
boxer1708 May 23 @ 1:32am 
Ok :D
findersword  [author] May 22 @ 6:59pm 
I'm glad you are having fun with the mods! Sorry, I'm not working on another for now... time will tell.
boxer1708 May 22 @ 5:20am 
One more question Are u working on a mod Cause i rly want a new one of your mods Cause They are to good! Il for sure use it if there is a new one released
boxer1708 May 22 @ 5:18am 
Okay thx!

findersword  [author] May 22 @ 4:53am 
This mod affects the normal combat jobs only: Footman, Knight, Archer, and Cleric. It doesn't do anything extra for Space Magic, but you can have them both active at the same time.
boxer1708 May 22 @ 3:58am 
One Question How does this mod can be used Cause i already use mod space magic to!
findersword  [author] Apr 6 @ 8:06am 
Update today adds effects for Crossbows in ACE mod. Also added effects for advanced jobs from High Class mod.