Enderal: Forgotten Stories

Enderal: Forgotten Stories

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Enderal Gameplay Overhaul - EGO
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Feb 14 @ 4:59am
Oct 12 @ 9:28am
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Enderal Gameplay Overhaul - EGO

This is a complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics of Enderal. This includes a ton of balance changes, improvements to the ai, new gameplay mechanics, new weapons/spells/potions and much more.

The mod is heavily inspired by older RPG's (such as Gothic, Kings Field, Baldurs Gate, etc.) and by the Skyrim Mod "Requiem". The changes made lead to a harsh and unforgiving world with more consistent and immersive gameplay.

As this mod is rather huge i really suggest you visit the Nexus Mod Page[www.nexusmods.com]for more information.

German Version

Join the EGO Discord HERE[discord.gg]

Install Instructions:

- Subscribe to the mod
- Open Steam Workshop in the Enderal Launcher
- Install the mod
- Open Data Files in the Enderal Launcher
- Enable "Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul.esp"
- Ensure that "Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul.esp" is at the bottom of the list
- Save changes and enjoy or continue with advanced install instructions
- Starting a new save game is required! (for more information head to the nexus page linked above)

Update Instructions:

- Open Steam Workshop in the Enderal Launcher
- Uninstall the mod
- Install the mod

Advanced optional Install Instructions:

NPCs use ammunition and arrows hit targets even at high range
- Go to the directory: "C: \Users\username\Documents\My Games\Enderal"
- Open "Enderal.ini"
- Add "bForceNPCsUseAmmo = 1" under "[Combat]"
- Include "[Actor]" if it does not exist and add "fVisibleNavmeshMoveDist = 12288.0000" under "[Actor]"
- Save

No compass / No floating Quest markers
- Go to the directory: "C: \Users\username\Documents\My Games\Enderal"
- Open "EnderalPrefs.ini"
- Change "bShowCompass=1" to "bShowCompass=0"
- Change "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=1" to "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=0"
- Save
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TheTaffer 12 hours ago 
Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I've just had the shady mage in the Undercity try and sell me the mystic lvl entropy spell... and I'm only lvl 6
[128thAR◈] Sikarii Oct 19 @ 1:43pm 
I agree with Nernbutt. Definitely read the changes before installing this. Lot's of stuff that makes the game a chore to play.
MorganNotSoFreeman Oct 14 @ 12:31am 
@Nernbutt you handled this appropriately.
@StormBaron i agree
StormBaron Oct 12 @ 3:34pm 
That was poorly handled Ixion tbh
Nernbutt Oct 12 @ 3:21pm 
not much of a discussion, I tried to be respectful
Ixion XVII  [author] Oct 12 @ 3:20pm 
Was a pleasure to discuss this with you.
Nernbutt Oct 12 @ 3:19pm 
alright downvoting it is
Ixion XVII  [author] Oct 12 @ 3:17pm 
Saying the stealth differences are minimal is also quite amusing. I also just released a patch which nerfs stealth for archers by a hefty amount and even some small things that nerfs archery in general.

I could also make the argument that in vanilla the only viable build is going for elementarism and entropy because they are (by far) the strongest. But that is just a very simple way of seeing it.
Ixion XVII  [author] Oct 12 @ 3:16pm 
Saying that you don't want to turn this into "slap fighting" but continue to talk about the balance is not helping at all, so i will elaborate and tell you why i think you are very wrong.

The direction of balance is 100% to balance out every playstyle/every skill/every build. Heavy armor is by no means stronger than in vanilla. It comes with heavy penalties. If you wear no armor at all you will move faster and if you play decent you will be able to dodge ranged projectiles and block melee attacks. There is no need for heavy armor at all.

I don't even understand why you would assume that archery is the way to go with this mod. Shooting a bow drains stamina and will reduce your damage by a lot when you're low on stamina.
Arrows are much more scarce and the increased need of gold is making it hard to buy good arrows. You also need to buy silver arrows which are not cheap either.
Nernbutt Oct 12 @ 2:44pm 
but yeah please go ahead and make assumptions that I'm just a simple idiot who wanted to sperg out and downvote after 15 minutes of gameplay, it was a real shame to remove it