Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Anno Domini: Gathering Storm edition
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Feb 13, 2019 @ 10:37pm
Aug 27, 2021 @ 11:28pm
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Anno Domini: Gathering Storm edition

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Anno Domini: the series
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The Ancient World total conversion mod, Anno Domini has now been updated for the Gathering Storm expansion!

30 ancient civilizations battle it out for ancient world domination...this is a total mod conversion, but it does require both expansions and the Persia/Macedonia and Nubia DLC.

For those of you who haven't come across Anno Domini before, it plays much like the "epic" game of Civilization VI, except everything is from the Ancient and Classical world - from the Dawn of Time to the fall of Rome. There's about as many techs and civics as the "epic" game, except they're all from that timeframe - as are the many buildings, units, wonders and resources.

In terms of the mod's development, it is fully playable as a complete mod, but you will notice that there are some updates still to come, for example, missing art for some of the historic moments. This is being worked on, but I wanted you all to be able to play the mod as soon as possible and hope those are minor issues that don't detract from the playing experience.

Please note that as a total conversion mod, other mods are likely to be incompatible - for example, they may require technologies available in the base game, but not in Anno Domini.

As Anno Domini is still being updated, I would welcome constructive and positive feedback to assist with the future development of the mod.

Whilst I have put the mod together myself, I got a lot of help on the way; I've listed the contributors below (please let me know if I've missed someone - I hope I haven't!!)

ChimpanG: Various art, including leaderheads
Christy15: Civilizations
Civitas team: Civilizations
deliverator: units
JFD: Civilizations
Gedemo: City states
JanBoruta: Leader art, icons
Merrick: Civilizations, improvements
p0kiehl: City states, buildings, improvements
Seeling Cat: Civilizations
Sukritact: Civilizations, units, UI
TheCrazyScotsman: City states, buildings, improvements
Tomatekh: Religions
Wolfdog: units

Compatible mods:
Mappa Mundi
Leugi's city pack
Ahiram of Phoenicia
Khosrow I of Persia
Vercingetorix of the Gauls
Yu of China
Zara Yacob of Ethiopia (becomes Kaleb of Aksum)
Ezana of Ethiopia (becomes Ezana of Aksum)
Julius Caesar
Ramesses II
Sassanid Civilization
Hittite civilization (Gedemo's version)
Abu Simbel
Buddhas of Bamiyan
Temple of Poseidon
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Jul 15, 2021 @ 7:36am
Alternative Download ?
Apr 13 @ 12:42pm
Spy exit bug
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Krispy May 5 @ 12:43pm 
Does YnAMP work with this?
8673509 Apr 25 @ 7:35pm 
Just downloaded this and only made it to turn 30. It keeps crashing.
fsuscotsman1 Apr 21 @ 10:27am 
The mod is now crashing repeatedly. I'm hoping that this mod has additional work put into it. As it is, it is almost unplayable after about turn 350. I'm willing to play test anything, if that will help.
fsuscotsman1 Apr 16 @ 3:42pm 
Now I'm finding more bugs. I just purchased two apostles to enhance my religion. I used both to enhance on the same turn. Now I have two enhancements but neither will let me use them. They are just stuck there and I have to shift enter at the end of each turn.

Several units say that they have enhanced abilities, such as applying total strength to wall damage or giving strength to adjacent units. This isn't happening.

When picking choices for a normal or golden era some choices just don't apply, I'm not sure what they do.
fsuscotsman1 Apr 13 @ 12:56pm 
Is there a reason that religious units cannot enter another country?

I love the mod, it was obviously a lot of work. Certain things detract from it though. Examples: cities needing power, the artwork for new items still reflects modern things from Civ6, buildings from powers that say they are unique but I'm still being able to build them, the Madrasa for the Germans for instance.

I'm really impressed though!!!
Saiint Mar 30 @ 6:40am 
Nvm just realised my neighbours in both attempts at a playthrough was helen of sparta and she has crazy loyalty buffs. Think she might be a bit op
Saiint Mar 29 @ 5:32pm 
Also, DX12 causes the crashes others are having. When i play on DX11 i sometimes get weird artifacting next to specific units (catapults are the worst offenders) that is only resolved by deleting them.
Saiint Mar 29 @ 5:31pm 
Really enjoy the mod but I'm having huge issues with loyalty. Had a city right next to 3 of my other cities 10 tiles away from another civ going disloyal even with a governor. Is there anything in the mod that's changing it because i just cannot work it out.
rob8xft  [author] Feb 16 @ 6:54am 
Thanks for the comments everyone. I don't have any plans to integrate it with Sukritact's Oceans mod. Thanks for the heads up about the Torc modification. I think that DX11 may cause the issues about natural wonders, as AtraMordum suggested.
Pendragon Jan 17 @ 4:28pm 
Even in its un-modded state, there have been Dx12/11 crashes/bugs going back years. I keep hoping with every addon that they will be fixed, like in prev. civs.