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Shads Atlas Imports
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Feb 10, 2019 @ 5:40pm
Sep 7 @ 1:43pm
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Shads Atlas Imports

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This mod is sponsored by Gportal! Click the link below for a discount! They're a great provider for countless games like ARK, Valheim, Minecraft and more!

MOD ID: 1652120435

-Big thank you to Liquidize of Arklas for their help! I wouldn't have got the mod started without their help!

-Another big thanks to my old pal Kraken for helping me get the rest of the files I needed! Absolutely massive help to him as well!

This mod plans on taking several of Atlas's creatures and porting them into ark with their own niche and gimmicks, rather than just reskins!

Make sure to check the right discussions for creature info and spawning!
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Lemur Sep 20 @ 12:22pm 
does anyone have mythos kibble id? or know what is id for it?
BoogeyMan82 Sep 16 @ 7:01pm 
Your right, I tried your mod on another server and everything works. This mod is badass btw, thanks bro.
Shadlos  [author] Sep 16 @ 4:43pm 
extremely uncommon. sounds like something on your end or the server's isn't working properly
antonioleaes Aug 30 @ 1:53pm 
what is the admincode for the new cyclops version?
Shadlos  [author] Aug 29 @ 10:10am 
seems to be from talking to folks on discord that International branch servers are having issues. USA servers like my own have had no issue.

I'd rather not run a hotfix just so that international servers on g-portal can HOPEFULLY detect the mod. Contact G-portal support and let them know international servers (not US) are refusing to detect the Atlas Imports update.

My own Gprotal servers (they're US branch) have updated fine.
LittleMinah13 Aug 29 @ 3:28am 
Hello, having the same issue with g-portal not auto updating to the latest patch. Resulting in launcher or client telling us that the mod is not compatible. Removing and reinstalling the mod in steam and the server did not help.
hannes_kann Aug 29 @ 3:18am 
Hello there, last update seem not do work on my servers by g-portal. they are on version from 01.08.23 and wont update automaticali.
Renshae Jul 31 @ 10:09pm 
I've had quite a few apophis snakes summoned by a gorgon not get the "deathmark" applied, resulting in permanent snakes that are really tedious to track down and kill via griffin just so I don't have to deal with my ground caravan getting absolutely melted by 15 stacks of venom from a stray snake. Seems like about a fifth of the gorgon's summons generally end up without the deathmark. I'm about ready to disable gorgons because of this. Is there any way you could see about implementing some kind of periodic check to see whether apophis and nagas are over level cap, then check to see if they have the buff and apply it if they don't?
GrazzHopper Jun 14 @ 7:08pm 
the mongrel cyclops not being breedable and not having a saddle/helmet for armor value seems like too much of a downside for the higher stat lvling and no oxygen points... given that the drakes also have a stat that doesnt get wasted with movement speed, while also having breeding, and armor with saddles.
Shadlos  [author] Jun 14 @ 6:58am 
This mod does not have a Livyatan. That's Kraken's Animals of Atlas.