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Shads Atlas Imports
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Feb 10, 2019 @ 5:40pm
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Shads Atlas Imports

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MOD ID: 1652120435

-Big thank you to Liquidize of Arklas for their help! I wouldn't have got the mod started without their help!

-Another big thanks to my old pal Kraken for helping me get the rest of the files I needed! Absolutely massive help to him as well!

This mod plans on taking several of Atlas's creatures and porting them into ark with their own niche and gimmicks, rather than just reskins!

Make sure to check the right discussions for creature info and spawning!

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PJ Gamer
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Garruk 3 hours ago 
Could we get some tweak to the Aegis? I like it, but they're stupid loud and take a weirdly long time to mature compared to the Harbinger, which is a much better tame.
Leo 15 hours ago 
Do all of these animals spawn on ragnarok? if not which ones do and which ones don't?
doomrider7 Oct 16 @ 11:39pm 
Is there a Spawn Location Map for the creatures in this mod? I added this and a few others to my CI and Rag servers, but both of those maps are HUGE and I'd rather not scour the entire map on my own if there are guides.
123 Oct 16 @ 4:52pm 
Is there any discord for news? I would suggest to add some carriage to the bear or the bull in order to have something as "platform saddles" to use cannons. Also i would improve the tiger and the lion and make them more useful, making them climb and hit harder ñike the thyla would be awesome. Finally i saw that you added the crab recently, are you thinking about giving him the ability to grab/throw or jumping higher? Thanks.
123 Oct 13 @ 4:52pm 
I love this mod, it´s amazing. I would like to replace all vanilla creatures for this mod, is it possible? Is there a .ini setting or maybe i have to use simple spawners mod?
Shadlos  [author] Oct 12 @ 8:52am 
Squid was a bish to get working. I have no idea why that wierd spawn glitch was happening first time around, but im hoping its been fixed. So far so good from what i hear. They're spawning naturally and nobody's reported an abnormal amount of Tusoteuthis, or tusos in water where they shouldn't be.
dinovart Oct 12 @ 1:38am 
E.g. crab is ACrab_Character_BP_C, squid is AtlasSquid_Character_BP_C. In-game open console and type gmsummon "AtlasSquid_Character_BP_C" 200 to spawn tamed one at level 200.
dinovart Oct 12 @ 1:37am 
It was nice to see the return of the squid. Everyone who dont know spawn codes: open your ARK folder, go to shootergame-content-mods- 1652120435 - critter. There will be folders named after animals. Open the one you waish to spawn and search for X_Character_BP_C. BP_C, not just BP.
k.fuchs.92 Oct 9 @ 12:25pm 
Hey can u debug the Atlas Dragon? He is bug into the ground while flying...
Brett Oct 8 @ 4:24pm 
Loving this mod, and wondering if you have a Discord to keep up with updates?
Also, is there a plan to change the few creatures left over to the new kibble system?