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Shads Atlas Imports
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Shads Atlas Imports

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MOD ID: 1652120435

-Big thank you to Liquidize of Arklas for their help! I wouldn't have got the mod started without their help!

-Another big thanks to my old pal Kraken1 for helping me get the rest of the files I needed! Absolutely massive help to him as well!

This mod plans on taking several of Atlas's creatures and porting them into ark with their own niche and gimmicks, rather than just reskins!

Make sure to check the right discussions for creature info and spawning!

(this mod is not compatible with Arklas! Or Animals of Atlas!)
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𝔍𝔦𝔪𝔪𝔶 23 hours ago 
Shadlos is it possible to make some dinos like the giraffes not spawn? because i think its kinda werid to have giraffes and hippo's in ark :/ nice mod tho!
The Zanzibarbarian Sep 16 @ 3:13pm 
Re - Cuddly - I've found that there are a number of spawn codes that do not work.
Anmy chance you can look into this problem Shadlo, please?
Thanks :-)
<3 Cuddly <3 Sep 16 @ 2:23pm 
I have been trying to spawn in a a tamed Pampas Cat, and for some reason it is not working, I have tried it on 2 servers that are using this mod.... is it possible that the code is wrong?
Anomalocaris Sep 16 @ 12:42pm 
a dream is a dream i give up
Anomalocaris Sep 16 @ 12:19pm 
all i wanted to do was be some 6 headed snake dragon thing whyyyyyy
Anomalocaris Sep 16 @ 12:11pm 
unsubbed and re subbed to mod and now it just doesnt show up at all help
Anomalocaris Sep 16 @ 11:53am 
It's been 4 hours since I first subscribed to this and it still hasn't downloaded yet please say i'm not the only one
FrostEffects Sep 13 @ 1:32am 
Croc seems to be able to snatch birds out of the air from very high up and stun lock and never lets go until dead
hotbread100 Sep 12 @ 10:16am 
great mod, i noticed(hydra at least) has max level higher than the max level set, how many levels over max level do they spawn with?(my max levels are 300 wild and found a hydra at like 320 not max level)
FrostEffects Sep 12 @ 1:10am 
discord link to this mod?
I'm trying to figure out the dino classes for these animals for the mod
dinostorage 2