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POOL NATION featuring Box of Tricks
Jul 29, 2013 @ 10:29am
Oct 16, 2013 @ 1:37am

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Pool Nation has been Greenlit Woooooooooo hooooooooo :)
Release date: 18th October 2013
Pool Nation
The community's Pool Game


  • Steam Achievements
  • Contoller Support
  • workshop compatable; vote for trickshots, objects and more
  • World renound Pool Nation Physics engine
  • Play a game of regular Pool the way it should be played both 8 Ball and 9 Ball :)
  • Eleven exciting game modes
  • Online, Offline and Multiplayer
  • Multiplayer Tournaments Online
  • Trickshots: Create, Edit and View Trickshots (watch the video above to see this in action!)
  • Add, move, use objects including; loop the loop, ramps, pikes, speed up strips and more!
  • Critically accliamed Endurance mode, a pot against the clock frenzy - how long can you last???
  • Comprehensive Career mode/tour, with star system and bonus matches to complete
  • Snooker coming soon

This game is much more than just a game of Pool!



“In so many words, I love this game!”

“In fact it could be the shiniest game to ever grace an Xbox 360”

“Take some advice from an old pool table fitter, buy Pool Nation as soon as humanly possible.”

“If you’ve ever enjoyed playing pool in real life or in video games, you owe it to yourself to try this new release, as it is the best version of the sport available in the virtual world.”


Introducing the EXCLUSIVE Box of Tricks…

There is a huge array of objects to personalise, move and use wherever you might need them to create those epic trickshots. In one fluid motion you can flick between shot-take mode, replay and edit. While in edit mode utilise your ghost balls to refine where your next object should be - this flow between edit and shot-take is key to the accuracy of this editor. Helping you develop your shot in once place. Once it’s complete, be social, show the STEAM community what you’ve created via the WORKSHOP.

  • Create, edit and share your epic Trickshots with the world
  • Upload and vote for the top Trickshot of the day
  • Create and submit your own objects to be seen in game, and vote for the best to win

    Limited only by your imagination, the Trickshot editor in Pool Nation is a cool bit of kit and what’s more how it develops is up to you, you decide what comes next, who wins and what objects you want to see.



    Customizable features…

  • Hundreds of Customizable cues, balls and character decals to dress your tables
  • Stunning locations
  • Unlock decals as you take on the tour and win
  • Wacky characters and even more wacky descriptions
  • Change the colour of your Trickshot objects to make a multicoloured explosion on you table

    Game Modes…

  • Eleven exciting game modes , and extensive 8Ball and 9Ball career modes; battle the best to win the title
  • Bonus matches
  • You’ll be a hulking great Pool playing machine in no time if you follow our critically acclaimed Tutorials; what’s more they’re fun to complete!
  • Play Seven Online modes against friends from around the globe; including Speed Pool, Killer, 3 Ball, 8 Ball, 9Ball and Straight…

    Addictive Endurance Mode…

  • Adrenaline pumping Endurance mode is a pot against the clock frenzy.
  • Ghost balls hanging above the table waiting to drop, time is ticking, can you keep your cool and last 20minutes under the watchful eye of the Endurance clock??
  • 24 balls on the table and its game over…
  • The trick is to stay calm, and most important of all do not miss!!!

    Gameplay / mechanics…

  • This is the Pièce de résistance, in Pool Nation Gameplay is king , no silly cut scenes, just you and our perfectly formed balls
  • You will never play a game of pool so real as Pool Nation; every single detail has been mapped out to create the best, most realistic game of pool you will ever play outside of the real thing!
    …don’t believe us; ask the critics!


    if we get on steam...

    You thought that was good take a look at some of the features coming your way if you vote for us on steam:

  • Head to head Endurance battles
  • Bonus balls to turn your balls to jelly, stone, give you extra drop stops - keep them of sabotage your opponents game
  • Trickshot challenges, you create them, you vote for them and other people can play them
  • Customizable Pool Halls
  • Trickshots across tables, bridge the table using interactive objects and bounce balls around your own customised pool hall
  • Bigger and better objects decided by you


    A bit about us…

    CherryPop Games are an indie studio in Manchester. Our team of eccentric gamers – whose only desire is to eat, sleep and dream games – are busy beavering away at creating, perfecting and polishing our shiny, shiny balls.

    We are dedicated to producing eyebrow raising, leg trembling, cherry poppingly good games. Our talents don’t just stop at shiny balls and pixel perfect pool games – watch this space for details of what we’ve got up our sleeves for future projects.

    Vote for Pool Nation to be on Steam!

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