Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Civilizations of Warcraft
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PLEASE NOTE: Due to personal circumstances I'm unable to continue development on this mod collection for the time being. I fully encourage people to use my code and assets to create their own mods, but for now, I'm unavailable to assist. Very big thanks to everyone who helped me with the creation of this collection, hopefully I can come back to it sometime soon.

Thankyou so much for the kind support! In less that a month we are now the #2 most popular Civ 5 collection EVER. It's all thanks to your kind votes and downloads, keep it up!

Please note: These mods all require Gods and Kings to function! Furthermore, some mods will have a BNW-only version, make sure you only use one version of each mod.

Civilizations of Warcraft - a Collection of Civilizations from the popular Warcraft Franchise built specifically for Civilization V!

The long term plan of this mod pack is not just Civilizations, but a full conversion! This includes religions, resources, tech trees, and culture trees. I will release the various elements as they are completed so you guys can test and enjoy the hard work we're putting in.

We are also working with a few map makers here on the Steam Workshop to build some Scenario's with realistic starting locations, and hope to have those out very soon.

Let me know in the comments what Civilization you'd like to see next! I will make them in the order that people want to see them!

- Men of Stormwind - Varian Wrynn
- Orcs of Durotar - Garrosh Hellscream
- Night Elves - Tyrande Whisperwind
- Darkspear Trolls - Vol'jin
- The Scourge - The Lich King
- The Argent Crusade - Tirion Fordring
- Tauren of Mulgore - Cairne Bloodhoof
- The Blood Elves - Lor'themar Theron
- Religions of Azeroth
- Citystates of Azeroth
- Wonders of Azeroth

In Alpha Testing (Want to help test? Friend me!)
- Kingdom of Gilneas - Genn Greymane

Currently in Development:
- The Forsaken - Sylvanas Windrunner
- Bronzebeard Dwarves - Muradin Bronzebeard

Down the Line (Civ/Leader Combinations subject to change):
- Gnomeregan - Gelbin Mekkatorque
- The Draenei - Prophet Velen
- The Bilgewater Cartel - Trade Prince Gallywix
- Pandaren Empire - Emperor Shaohao
- The Earthen Ring - Thrall
- The Burning Legion - Sargeras
- The Naga - Queen Azshara
- Amani Trolls - Zul'jin
- Zandalar Trolls - King Rastakhan
- Centuar Hordes - Princess Theradras
- Argent Crusade - Tirion Fordring
- Azjol-Nerub - Anub'Arak
- The Scarlet Crusade - High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane
- Dark Iron Dwarves - Moira Thaurissan
- Wildhammer Dwarves - Falstad Wildhammer
- The Vrykul - King Ymiron
- The Illidari - Illidan

Finally, a massive thanks to the other developers that have helped contribute to these mods: Gigaowen, Trueguess, Neirai the Forgiven, Hambil.

Thanks to the alpha testers for invaluable feedback: Lord Inquisitor Boris Urinof, Vyndil, Barderella, Comando Pando, Decamatus, efhb1994, El Regrs, Schott, Ser Olorin, Treehawk, Raiden777.

Thanks to my fellow modders who's help and existing code have really taught me everything I know: FramedArchitecture (Check out his Faerun mod!) and Luir & DesertJourneyman (Check out their Song of Ice and Fire mod!), Tomatekh, Bloublou, JFD.

And thanks to the CivFanatics forums who've given invaluable support and feedback!
Items (10)
Civilizations of Warcraft - Kingdom of Stormwind
Created by Bobington

The Kingdom of Stormwind, led by King Varian Wrynn, as a playable Civilization! Requires 'Gods and Kings' and is compatible with 'Brave New World'

Stormwind has access to the Seventh Legion Cavalry...
Civilizations of Warcraft - Orcs of Durotar
Created by Bobington
The Orcs of Durotar, led by Warchief Garrosh Hellscream! Compatible with 'Gods and Kings' and 'Brave New World'.

NEW: Now includes Custom Models!

The Orcs have access to the elite Kor'kron,a replacement for the Swordsman that is ...
Civilizations of Warcraft - Night Elves
Created by Bobington
The Night Elves, now available as a new Civilization! Requires 'Gods and Kings' and is compatible with 'Brave New World'.

The ancient Keldorei have long wandered Kalimdor, but new allies and old enemies have embroiled them once again in mighty co...
Civilizations of Warcraft - Darkspear Trolls
Created by Bobington
Don't have Brave New World!? Gods and Kings version available here:

The Darkspear Tribe, led by Vol'jin himself! Compatible with Brave New World only.

The Darkspear can bui...
Civilizations of Warcraft - The Scourge
Created by Bobington
Please note this is a Beta release. There will be bugs. There will be missing features. There will be balance issues.

The Scourge have risen! Repel the invasion or join their undead army in Civilization 5!

The Scourge can build the Ghoul[/...
Civilizations of Warcraft - Darkspear Trolls - Gods and Kings Edition
Created by Bobington
The Darkspear Tribe, led by Vol'jin himself! Compatible with Gods and Kings only.

The Darkspear can build the Axe Thrower, a powerful ranged unit that gains a combat boost in jungle and forest.

They can also build the Voodoo Hut,...
Civilizations of Warcraft - The Argent Crusade
Created by Bobington
Updating will break your save game. Do not update until you are ready to start a fresh game.

The Argent Crusade, now a brand-new Civilization in Civ 5! Requires Gods and Kings and is compatible with BNW!.

The Argent Crusade can build t...
Civilizations of Warcraft - The Tauren of Mulgore
Created by Bobington
Please note this is a Beta release. There will be bugs. There will be missing features. There will be balance issues.

The mighty Tauren join their Horde allies in Civilization V! Requires Gods and Kings, and is compatible with Brave New World!

Civilizations of Warcraft - The Blood Elves
Created by Bobington
This is a beta release. There may be bugs. Please report any issues.

We are currently aware that the UA is not working as intended. Please bear with us, a fix will be posted ASAP.

The Sin'dorei seek their vengeance in Civilization 5! Requir...
Civilizations of Warcraft - Overhaul Project
Created by Bobington
This mod aims to convert Civilization 5 to thematically match with Azeroth! Requires Gods and Kings and compatible with Brave New World.

This mod removes all Civilizations from the origional game, so you MUST be using modde...