Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition

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PRC 3.7.8
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Jul 10 @ 4:50am
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PRC 3.7.8

We have released PRC 3.7, and the big news this time out is...

We're releasing Shadowcasting, from the Tome of Magic! 1 brand new magic system, complete with 1 base class, 5 prestige classes, 60 mysteries, 130 feats, 1 template, 5 monsters, and a few other bits and pieces. Enjoy!

3.7.8 brings eight new feats, a number of bug fixes, and stops level adjustment from causing trouble in the OCs. For those who want to continue to use 3.7.5, it's available on the PRC Archive on the Vault.

The PRC is the largest ever custom content release for Neverwinter Nights, with over 220 classes, 1500 feats, 1500 spells, 130 races, Psionics, the Tome of Battle, Truenaming, Shadowcasting, Invocations, Templates, Epic Spellcasting, Crafting and so much more, all taken directly from official Dungeons and Dragons material published by Wizards of the Coast.

Install by:
1. Navigate to "Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\704450\1647391559"
2. Open a new window and navigate to "C:\Users\*Username*\Documents\Neverwinter Nights"
3. Copy the contents of the following folders from the workshop window to the documents window (make new folders where needed):
- database
- erf
- hak
4. On the Documents window, navigate to "Steam\steamapps\common\Neverwinter Nights\data\nwm"
5. Backup the files in this folder
6. Copy the files from the "oc modules" folder in the workshop window to the "nwm" window
7. Let the game load until the background swirls on all screens. Doing otherwise will cause the game to crash.


Come support us (and choose what content we build!):

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So_Blind Aug 16 @ 9:04pm 
I really wish this was implemented by default... I really don't want to use in game dialog boxes to manage all my feats, spells, skills, etc.

Also, does anyone have this running solid without crashes? I want to run a dedicated server for some friends, and expanding the character creation would be awesome.
EvilDonut Aug 7 @ 9:34am 
Yeah, Flash, i've figured it out....i had to modify a line in the ini and i fixed that!
FlashStopped Aug 7 @ 4:45am 
@EvilDonut PRC has an option turned on by default that makes it act like you're recovering HD on a short rest instead of always long resting. Probably wasn't a way to just limit how much you healed, so they just damage you after. Dunno if you found out yet.
Lone Fiver Aug 4 @ 7:49am 
I know that the creators don't monitor Steam comments, but does anyone have any idea why the Spellsword PrC's Spell Channel doesn't proc correctly? I cast a spell into the weapon, and it confirms that the spell is stored. Then, upon striking an enemy, I only do weapon damage, and it uses another Spell Channel charge, but the weapon retains the On Hit Effect in the examine window.
bottomlesspit103 Aug 3 @ 12:00pm 
This mod doesn't seem to work.
styx-12 Jul 28 @ 8:18pm 
It seems Minstrel of the Edge doesn't appear in 3.7.8. ... : (
EvilDonut Jul 26 @ 2:12am 
I am playing as a warmage, and i am constantly getting damaged by ''something'' after each rest
Jul 21 @ 3:30pm 
The character creator doesn't seem to work with enhanced edition, as there is no CHITIN.KEY file. Can you just make the characters in game now?
robomagon Jul 19 @ 6:36pm 
The Nymph appears to be missing in 3.7.8.
Salvan Tunstall Jul 14 @ 2:17pm 
It seems to have broken my 2 Handed weapons, equipping all of them as 1 Handed on arrival of the 2nd chapter.
Fine up until then.