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Resident Evil 2

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X Gon' Give It To Ya Mod
By DJPop
Replace Mr.X's theme song with DMX's "X Gon' Give It To Ya" song.
This is a mod that replace a song named "Black Impact" with "X Gon' Give It To Ya" by DMX.
The song will play when you face Mr.X in the following locations.

Remake Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack
Raccoon Police Department
Parking Garage (Claire)
Orphanage (Claire)
Upper Sewers (Ada)
Green House (Leon)
Escape Sequence (Leon)

Preview video.
  1. Download[]. If steam removes this link, use one below (remove all spaces).
    https :// mega .nz/#!ys8HVQ6A!7eFOlzzsgnlsydvhb-qsSg53T2Q52urdJq7Sy1EFOkQ
  2. Extract files into the game's directory.
  3. Enable/Disable mod by running music_resident.pck.mod.exe.
  4. You might have to quit to main menu or close the game first if you can't enable/disable the mod because the game is still accessing game files.
Note: Some anti-virus will always complain about Trojan. The source code is also provided in the zip file for you to read or compile it yourself.
Install (Alternative)
If the above method doesn't work, you can try using this one.
Please be careful as it could break the game file if you do it incorrectly.
  1. Download[]. If steam removes this link, use one below (remove all spaces).
    https :// mega .nz/#!ys8HVQ6A!7eFOlzzsgnlsydvhb-qsSg53T2Q52urdJq7Sy1EFOkQ
  2. Extract natives folder from the zip file to the game's folder.
  3. Open your favorite hex editor program or download if you don't have one.
    I recommend HxD[].
  4. Open re_chunk_000.pak inside the game's folder from the hex editor.
  5. From the menu bar, choose Search > Goto...
  6. Enter 125110 into Offset box and click OK.
  7. Type FEFFFFFF (See middle image).
  8. From the menu bar, choose File > Save
  9. Run the game, find Mr.X and see if the song plays.
  10. If not, redo step 3-8 but type FEFFFFFFFDFFFFFF instead in step 6 (See bottom image).
  11. You can disable the mod by replacing values with ones in top image.
Install (Original Soundtrack)
  1. Make sure you can use Original Ver. Soundtrack Swap DLC.
  2. Download[]. If steam removes this link, use one below (remove all spaces).
    https :// mega .nz/#!TwtnyKJD!mWI02fb3ljY_so0J1yK_hQ1inxDb8hvXSJH5-om4tL0
  3. Close the game if it's still opened.
  4. Backup re_dlc_000.pak file inside 920567 folder. You can just rename to anything else.
  5. Extract files from the zip file into the game's directory.
  6. Start the game.
  7. You can disable the mod by restore your backup re_dlc_000.pak file and delete files you extracted (Close the game first).
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NIVOSITA Jul 1 @ 6:42am 
The latest update definitely screwed the mod and I can't install it again or make it work. Playing with the original Mr.X sound is so plain boring now that I dont feel like playing this game again (I basically only play for teasing him and make him chase me everywhere in and endless hide and seek game, it was so fun!.)

Somebody can help? I really want to use this mod again...
Omegalon Jun 17 @ 1:19pm 
I try opening up the music_resident.pck.mod and it just tells me "Couldn't open 're_chunk_000.pak'." and I do not know why
SSgt_LuLZ[SG] Jun 13 @ 9:22pm 
The latest update has probably screwed the 1st .exe mod; can't get it to run. Will try the 2nd method to see if it works
dementedlullaby Apr 18 @ 2:08pm 
Brunosky Inc. Feb 20 @ 9:06am 
Heya, I installed this using the .exe and it worked perfectly, but only for the remake soundtrack. Original soundtrack remained unchanged.

Both the .exe and both versions of manual hex editing didn't get the original soundtrack's Mr. X theme replaced.
Goner Jan 26 @ 6:40pm 
Hey is this mod possible to use on linux platforms? I'm trying to use the hex editor to manually change the files but I'm unable to find the right values.
geist3047 Jan 6 @ 4:13pm 
This mod does not seem to be compatible with any other mods, thats fine if you only want the music change mod. But not if you use some others with it, it could just be me but I'm not sure. Ive tried several ways to install multiple mods with this one and nothing seems to work. Once I try to tack this guy in my game has to have its files reverified and I have to reinstall everything all over again.
Timur Jan 5 @ 5:52pm 
If you install using mod manager, you have to change soundtrack in audio settings to original.
juic3thetitan Nov 5, 2021 @ 5:12pm 
This mod single handedly helped me get through the game!
Sleepy_skyyTTV Oct 2, 2021 @ 8:57pm 
fucking golden